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    Appus Studio - is a mobile app development company. We design and build custom mobile apps for iOS and Android platform, with support and up to 1-year warranty.
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    Added on 20 December 2019
    Discover some thoughts from the Appus UX designer on mobile navigation strategy. Check them out and create awesome UX design for your project.
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    Added on 10 October 2019
    Mobile navigation and app conversion: how to choose the right pattern One of the factors that affects app conversion is mobile navigation. Check out some of the main mobile navigation patterns so you can choose the right one for your app. It will definitely attract more users to your product and make it a favorite!

    Added on 24 September 2019
    Why are mobile apps so expensive? Let’s find out the main components that influence the cost and discover how to reduce them and optimise the budget without losing quality.
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    Added on 22 July 2019
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    Added on 29 January 2019
    React Native is a young and rapidly developing framework. Is React Native better than native development, and can it completely replace native development? The Appus experts expressed their opinions and gave some tips that can help you make the final decision on which type of development is relevant to your project.
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    Added on 10 December 2018
    Appus news: Appus Studio was recognized by TopDevelopers. co as a TOP Mobile App Developer

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    Added on 22 October 2018
    Finding money to launch a mobile business is a pressing issue that every start-up faces, but it really should not be a problem. The crucial thing is to find a safe and effective source of funding. In the Appus blog, read about the pros and cons of various financing sources. Read more here https://appus.software/blog/where-to-find-money-for-mobile-start-up

    Added on 04 July 2018
    Appus Studio was labeled as one of the best mobile app development companies in Ukraine by topappdevelopmentcompanies

    Added on 08 May 2018
    Affiliate and referral programs are not a new tool for business development. The main thing in a partnership of this kind is that it is mutually beneficial. We offer two partnership schemes that can become a source of additional income, which do not require investments or effort, and function as a tool for business growth and optimization by involving additional specialists in current projects. Read more at https://appus.software/blog/appus-studio-referral-programs

    Added on 19 April 2018
    Hourly rate, fixed price, and dedicated team are the main engagement models that developers offer. When you know the features of each model, you can easily determine which one is optimal for your project. https://appus.software/blog/models-of-cooperation-with-appus-studio