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Apollo CBCC Cancer Care is the best cancer hospital in Ahmedabad founded with the sole purpose of providing comprehensive cancer treatment under one roof.
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Added on 12 October 2022
The month of October is also known globally as pink October, the month when people around the world help raise awareness about breast cancer.

It’s important to be breast aware and check your breasts for changes on a regular basis. This will allow you to find any abnormalities in your breasts early. Your doctor should be consulted as soon as possible if you notice any unexpected changes in your breasts.

At Apollo CBCC Cancer Care, Ahmedabad, we have a

Added on 04 August 2022
Regular screening is imperative even if it doesn’t reveal any health problems. It may alert you about potential issues that may arise, and can thus help you prevent them.

Reach out to us and avail best services and dedicated treatment procedures.

Apollo CBCC Cancer Care, Ahmedabad is one of the best cancer hospitals in India. At Apollo CBCC Cancer Care, we have a specialized team of consultants for treating lung cancers. If you are experiencing any

Added on 21 April 2022
Colon Cancer has no symptoms in the early stages. But, if you are experiencing constipation, diarrhea, weight loss, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, cramps, weakness, or blood in the stool then it could be a potential sign of colorectal cancer.

The symptoms could be for other reasons as well but it’s better to not ignore the signs.

Consult a doctor immediately and get screened.

If you are experiencing any symptoms, connect with our experts at Apollo CBCC cancer care or book your

Added on 07 April 2022
Apollo CBCC Cancer Care apollocbcc.tumblr.com This World Health Day we are gifting a symbol of life and good health to our patients. Sending them home with a sapling of highly oxygenating indigenous plants ...

Added on 21 March 2022
The risk of colorectal cancer can be reduced if you adapt certain healthy practices like quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, maintain good body weight, get screened regularly, exercise and limit alcohol use. These practices won’t guarantee prevention but they are known to reduce the risk.

If you have any cancer-related queries, connect with our experts at Apollo CBCC cancer care or book your appointment at +91 7940734073 or 079-35000473

For more information visit https://apollocbcc.com/

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Added on 08 March 2022
Apollo CBCC Cancer Care apollocbcc.tumblr.com When it comes to healthcare there are still a number of women who don’t have equitable access to care. It could be because of a lot of inhibitions like he...

Added on 21 February 2022
Most patients with early-stage gastric cancer have no symptoms, those who do may mistake their symptoms for common conditions like indigestion or an upset stomach. When signs and symptoms are not apparent or go ignored, cancer generally reaches more advanced stages and that is why early consultation and diagnosis are necessary. If you feel you have any of the potential symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

If you have any cancer-related queries, connect with our experts at Apollo CBCC cancer care or

Added on 09 February 2022
Apollo CBCC Cancer Care is one of the best cancer hospital Ahmedabad, Speciality Hospital (East) is equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure. Here, patients have access to all medical and surgical specialties within a single institution.

To know more, call at 079-35000473 & 7622000496

For cancer-related queries and inquiries book an appointment

Added on 31 January 2022
Patients around the world are coming to Apollo CBCC Cancer Care for quality cancer care. Here they are provided with timely diagnostic and speciality care, all at a place which is designed more to feel like home

If you are experiencing any health issues, visit Apollo CBCC Cancer Care - Speciality Hospital (East), Maninagar, Ahmedabad.
To know more, call at +91 7940734073 or 079-35000473

Book an appointment: https://apollocbcc.com/make-an-appointment

Added on 19 January 2021

Apollo CBCC Cancer Care Hospital in Ahmedabad provides comprehensive integrated cancer care to the cancer patients with diagnostics, cancer treatments, and the support services they need