Palmer Trinity School

  • Miami, FL 33157
Palmer Trinity School is committed to shaping the intellectual growth of its student body, while emphasizing values of spirituality, learning, dedication...
  • Miami, FL 33157


Palmer Trinity School a coeducational, Episcopal day school is dedicated to promoting academic excellence that integrates knowledge, compassion, global citizenship, and social responsibility. Providing More
Added on 05 February 2019
Episcopal #privateschools are great schooling options for children who wish to gain knowledge about various faiths while continuing to be academically motivated. One particular #school in the Miami area that offers a great general #education and spiritual one is the Palmer Trinity School.

5 Things You Need to Know About Episcopal Private Schools juliansherman.net Episcopal private schools are great schooling options for children. This school that offers a great general education one is the Palmer Trinity School....

Added on 30 January 2019
There were 1300 #students in attendance at the competition from 60 different #schools. The Algebra 1 Team earned a 5th place team trophy. The team members were Katarina Pena, John Lucas Turner, Marco Ross, and Saverio San Lorenzo.

PTS Students at FAMAT Mathematics Competition palmertrinity.org On Saturday, January 19th, 14 students attended a FAMAT mathematics competition at Florida Atlantic University in Davie. There were 1300 students in attendance ...

Added on 30 January 2019
Philanthropy demonstrates your strong belief in the mission of Palmer Trinity School and reinforces a commitment to making a difference in the world. Your gift, whatever its size or purpose, adds great value to the School and to the young people whose lives it impacts.


Added on 30 January 2019
These #gifts plans are known as “planned gifts”. Planned gifts can be revocable a charitable bequest in your will, for example so that you can change your mind at any time. Or, planned gifts can be irrevocable just as outright gifts are so that you benefit from an immediate income tax deduction.


Added on 21 January 2019
These #trees enhance the lives of Palmer Trinity’s #students, #staff, faculty, and neighbors, while providing an important habitat for native fauna such as green anoles, gray foxes, and a multitude of migratory birds,” adds Dr. Llinas.

Palmer Trinity School Science Classes Use QR Codes in Tree Identification Project communitynewspapers.com Palmer Trinity School (PTS) students recently completed a tree identification program that uses Quick Response (QR) codes to help educate the community and PTS ...

Added on 04 January 2019
#Privateschools give young #students of any background a chance to contribute to this world in a way that may get them into history books for years to come.

Sign the Petition change.org best high schools: What Are The Advantages Of A Private School Versus A Public School?...

Added on 03 January 2019
Palmer Trinity #School is committed to fostering a community that #honors the diversity of the human experience.


Added on 03 January 2019
As with everything, get to know what your #kids are doing. Try playing the game with them or watch them play it so you can fully decide if it is right for your child.


Added on 03 January 2019
Palmer Trinity #School has made a commitment to experiential #education, domestic and #global travel- including language, culture, service and adventure travel.

Added on 03 January 2019
This is a Performing Arts course designed to expose #students to a variety of #dance forms, teach proper skills, and instill an appreciation for performance and choreography aesthetics.