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    Added on 17 January 2019

    3 Modern Windows for a Modern House

    The modern house requires the perfect modern windows to complete the look. As modern homes come in a variety of contemporary looks, it’s important to capture the right feeling and theme. This is especially important in cosmopolitan cities where style and fashion are highly regarded. That’s why homeowners need to opt for the right kind of modern windows for their modern homes.

    Modern UPVC Doors and Windows

    Additionally, as modern homes evolve, the window formats evolve too. There are different types of double glazed installations and sky-windows that are being introduced every year. They’re more functional in nature and have properties outside of just ventilation and strength. uPVC windows for homes are becoming increasingly common because they provide noise-cancellation properties as well. Mentioned below are 3 different types of windows perfect for a contemporary house:-

    Awning Windows

    Awning windows are the perfect contemporary European style windows consisting of a sash that is hinged from the top and cranks open upwards. They provide increased flexibility in approach and elevate the kerb appeal of the house. That’s why they’re available in a variety of formats, many of which include windows designed specifically for bungalows. Owners install them above doors, making them appear like transom windows. This adds an extra sense of flair to the window aesthetic. Also, since they require space, it’s important to plan effectively from beforehand.

    Casement Windows

    Casement windows are now standard formats in modern homes. New homes are increasingly coming into the market with pre-installed casement fittings. These windows are often accompanied by uPVC doors and frames, offered by premier installers like AIS Windows. These compact fixtures generally have one or two sashes that are hinged from the sides and open outwards. They are designed to operate smoothly and increase the aesthetic appeal of the house.

    Sliding Windows

    Sliding windows offer a range in varieties and formats for the modern home. The new aesthetic has received tremendous acclamation as more homes are opting for these fixtures every day. Also, sliding windows bring with them a sense of architectural beauty, as they bring in fresh air and natural light. They are often amalgamated in combination windows with other windows types to enhance the architectural beauty as well. Further, this highly versatile design is used in modern homes due to its easy operation.


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