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    Added on 20 December 2018

    Why use toughened glass doors and windows at your home?

    20 December 2018

    To increase the strength of the normal glass and make it more durable, it is treated under a lot of stress. In a controlled thermal environment of approximately 650 degree Celsius, annealed glass is kept and gradually heated. After the heating is done, it is then allowed to cool rapidly till it changes to toughened glass. Due to this treatment, the physical properties of the glass change. For instance, the bending strength of the glass improves considerably. One important thing to note here is that once the glass is toughened, it can’t be worked upon afterwards. Hence, before the heat treatment, it is cut to the size that is to be used later.

    Size of toughened glass

    A lot of house owners prefer using toughened glass with uPVC doors and frames, thanks to the enhanced strength of both the materials. Also, to increase the aesthetic value, some people choose frameless toughened glass for the construction of doors and windows in their houses.

    Toughened glass windows and doors are available in many sizes and shapes. Generally, the thickness of the glass ranges from 1.2mm to 19mm.

    Types of toughened glass

    To enhance the look of any setting, be it residential or commercial, glass is extensively used. But one of the limitations of using normal glass is that it does not provide the much-needed security. That’s where toughened glass comes into the picture.

    The following are the main types of toughened glass that are put to use as per your requirements –

    1. Laminated toughened glass
    2. Tinted toughened glass
    3. Frosted toughened glass

    Properties of toughened glass

    Due to greater contraction of the innermost layers of the glass during the heating process, the tensile strength of the resultant toughened glass increases. As a result, it is far stronger than any normal glass in terms of thermal strength. Owing to its greater tensile strength and thermal strength, it is also known as safety glass. So whether it is being used in high-pressure conditions or high- temperature conditions, it won’t break apart. Even if it breaks, it won’t break into sharp-edged fragments but into circular shreds so as to prevent any injury.

    Uses of toughened glass

    Due to the increased strength and durability of the toughened glass, it is used in the construction of a wide array of objects, be it the railing of the balcony in your house, facades or doors and windows. Apart from this, it is used in making shower doors and computer cases as well.

    Compared to other glass types, toughened glass is a better alternative to use in houses and office buildings. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of any setting but also ensures a greater level of safety.


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