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    Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

    01 August

    Among other regular yoga exercise benefits such as muscle straightening and sleep improvement, yoga imposes stress control that can help manage weight. Stress is one of the factors in gaining weight, so yoga practice can indirectly influence weight by fortifying mindfulness. Chicago`s best weight loss expert will tell you that you need to know about yoga's effects and how to take yoga to the advantage of your weight loss plan and goals.

    The ways yoga can help you in weight loss

    Helps connect your mind and body

    By influencing psychological and physical changes, and improving mindset and body awareness, yoga promotes body satiety. Practicing yoga leads to learning what your body and mind are telling you, and the factors that can cause body weight by emotional eating.  Connecting with your body and recognizing the cause of your bad eating habits and overeating, yoga can help you manage and regulate hunger by developing mindfulness. With the conscious of the effect of different food on your mind and body, regular yoga sessions contribute to eliminating high-fat food and reorienting to a healthy diet with fresh vegetables and whole grains. Long-term mindfulness training can have a significant effect on weight loss indirectly. When tuned with your body, you will notice when you are full and be more aware of hunger signals. It will consequence in a positive relationship with food and avoiding binge eating while having more healthy eating choices

    Calorie burning and muscle build

    Practicing yoga involves large muscle groups, and focuses on using your body weight to perform challenging positions. Yoga positions use the body weight to form resistance while the body muscles struggle to keep balance. These challenges that the body has to meet in yoga sessions will help burn calories and improve the strength and tone of the muscles. Also, intensive resistance yoga training can affect targeted body areas, by activating a different set of muscles for various poses (asanas). The result is body flexibility and strength. Yoga is effective in body sculpting and shaping. Vinyasa and power yoga are yoga styles that are performed in hot studios. With constantly moving in a heated room burning calories is significant. Practicing yoga can reduce abdominal circumference and waist and hip ratio, the percentage of body mass index (BMI)

    Stress reduction

    It is well known how stress, especially chronic, can contribute to weight gain. The fundament of yoga is meditation and breathing techniques. Stress triggers cortisol which causes stress-eating and sleeping problems connected with gaining weight. Deep breathing and relaxation reverse these negative effects. Breathwork and meditation increase energy, improve sleep and mood, calm the mind, and lower anxiety. Yoga Nidra is a yoga style that prefers relaxation and meditation, with mindfulness and exercise. With constant, prolonged, and in-depth yoga practicing you can improve your quality of sleep, and fall asleep easily and deeply.


    Yoga is a successful method for those who want to lose weight gradually and maintain optimal weight. As a slower but restorative option, yoga improves metabolic health and helps in accomplishing weight loss goals, while relaxing and clearing the mind.

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