Added on 21 January 2022
    The newest preview release of Windows 11 adds a new function to its voice control program and confirms that a revised appearance for the operating system's Task Manager is in the works.

    Microsoft's Windows 11 preview versions often provide basic enhancements and repairs. The most recent 22538 version, on the other hand, has brought with it a very significant modification.

    A revised Task Manager app was discovered in the latest preview release accessible to Insiders, according to Windows Central. Its user interface revamp gives the core application a more contemporary appearance.

    Microsoft has yet to reveal the change, which is understandable given that the app is not yet fully functional. Nonetheless, the new design has a dark mode as well as Mica blur effects. In addition, the tabs at the top of the application have been replaced by a sidebar. These modifications clearly demonstrate Microsoft's desire to make the Task Manager seem more like the other revamped components of Windows 11.


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