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    Skin-Whitening Treatment includes therapies that make use of natural or chemical ingredients to impart glow to skin and make it look very supple and health.
    • Skin Lightening / Whitening Treatment in Pakistan
    Added on 22 September 2017
    Flawless skin whitening glutathione Mela White
    tablet Skin whitening Drops Have you ever
    wondered how come so many black,
    Asian and Pakistani's celebrities are all very light
    skinned? Have you wondered why early childhood
    photos of many top celebrities show a much dark
    er skin color than they have now? Glutathione
    in INCREASED DOSE helps whiten skin by modifying
    conversion of eumelanine (dark/brown/yellow
    pigmentation) to phaeomelanin (reddish white pigmentation).
    This is the main reason whiter skin are produced.
    Most dermatologists in Asia uses and recommends
    Glutathione as a whitening capsule or bleaching
    pills that is were proven to be very safe and effective.
    In Asia, Glutathione is mostly used as whitening
    and anti aging pill mostly used by celebrities and models.
    Recommended by dermatologist and skin care experts.
    Benefit Dark spots remover Prevents pimples and removes
    blemishes Whitens the skin Anti-aging and anti-wrinkles
    (delaying the sign of aging) Makes skin stay supple,
    smooth, fresh and radiant Treats skin ulceration Enhance
    healing of wounds Nourishes skin How Glutathione Works
    ANTIOXIDANT/ ANTI-AGEING 10 mg/kg/day Ex. 50kg male 50kg
    body weight x 10mg = 500 mg/day SKIN WHITENING
    (double/increased dose) 20 mg/kg/day Ex. 50 kg female
    50kg body wt x 20mg = 1000mg/ day in 2 divided doses
    take L-Glutathione for a month then do not start the program
    because you will just waste it. L-Glutathione must be taken
    religiously in high dosages for the skin whitening to take effect.
    Put in mind that L-Glutathione is basically an antioxidant
    so think of its anti-ageing, anticancer and immune booster benefits.
    Whitening is considered as a bonus. In the first up until the second month,
    you will see noticeable improvements like lesser pimples and clearer skin.

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