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Added on 09 February
Overview of Solo Journeys

Most often, loneliness is scary. What about solo travel? But these stories prove that this is, first of all, a great opportunity to get to know yourself a little closer and reboot. And that for a memorable, rich adventure, the company is optional.

Thanks to everyone who shared their story - your courage is truly amazing!

And if they ask me if I would like to somehow repeat a solo trip offroadadventurefun.com (or maybe with a friend / husband / children / family), I would immediately answer “yes”. The best way to reboot!

Staying in such a theatrical scenery, you feel like a traveler in new circumstances especially experiences different things like dune buggy etc offroadadventurefun.com/dune-buggy-tour-dubai/ that you direct yourself, or a hero from Remarque's novel, renting a hotel room in the very center of the city. In the evening you hear the last tram. In the morning the center is noisy, and in the deep evening it is quiet or even deserted.

Thus, familiar routes open up new lanes, highlight interesting places, shops with craft products, which are easy to run past in everyday bustle. We notice a wine cellar with a grandly decorated showcase, we try the wine that we have been looking at for a long time, but everything was put off - now the subconscious mind allows it, because "it's like a vacation, and it's time to unpack the ideas that have been stored up for a long time."

Small houses of various shapes have become an alternative to the urban version of interior tourism: spheres, pyramids, cubes, trimmed on the outside with wood, metal, lath, or even a textile tent, with a hint of measured rural life. Such locations are often surrounded by forests, on the shore of a reservoir, with aesthetic interior content. Seeing them, we recall the spirit of Scandinavia and its interweaving with nature.

This direction in tourism has formed the term "glamping". Literally translated - glamorous camping or yacht touring offroadadventurefun.com/yacht-tours/, where everyday amenities are replaced by a comfortable environment: aesthetic solutions for furniture and light, soft beds, modern dining chairs, vintage solid wood tables, bedside sconces instead of a flashlight familiar to tourists, decorative details, ornamental textiles.

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