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    Added on 21 November 2022

    6 Ways to Convert Your Visitors into Customers

    21 November 2022

    Regardless of their type and size, businesses try to increase their sales and have a strong base of customers. For that, they should have strategies that will turn the prospects into customers. This is a challenging process as it's hard to convert people who first time has visited your website and don't have enough information about your products or solutions.

    How to convert visitors into customers

    To achieve a high conversion rate, you should provide your customers with an effective customer journey that will guide them to the purchasing stage. And create an image of a credible company that customers can trust. To go through this process in detail, we will suggest you six ways to convert visitors into customers.

    1. Improve your website

    Your website can be the first place where people hear about your brand, so you should put effort into building a website that will support your business goals. And first of all, create a compelling website design that will attract customers. But what can be more is prioritizing easy navigation and giving them a great user experience. There shouldn't be any element that will disturb your visitors, whether it is a healthcare chatbot or other solution, as they should easily visit the pages they want. When coming purchasing stage, you should avoid confusion. And also, make your website mobile friendly, as many people want to buy from their smartphones. And one last thing ensures that your website's speed is high, as it can be a crucial factor for customers, as in other situations, they may leave your website.

    2. Build a blog

    While there is no doubt that user experience and the website design are essential for a great website and for conversion too. But to create trustful relationships with them, you should create high-quality content. And for this, you should dedicate time and effort to creating a blog. If you have launched  SAAS tools, your blog should describe your tools’ features and benefits. Or, if you sell custom paintings, make sure to share helpful content about design or creativity.

    Your blog will help you create an image of an expert in your industry, giving them educational content. Thanks to a blog, you can answer your customer's concerns. Also, it's a great place where you can also share the latest updates about your company. You can find and hire amazing content writers who are working in the Netherlands or other countries and are ready to develop your blog.

    3. Create an email list

    Although there was a prediction that email marketing won't be a part of digital marketing efforts, it remains one of the most effective tactics. It is an essential component, as email marketing statistics have shown that these campaigns can help convert prospects into customers. And for that, you should build an email list after thet that the segmentation process. Here comes again the importance of knowing your audience's needs and preferences. Consider that when segmenting your email list, not only they can have different interests, but they can be on the other stage of the buyer's journey.

    As in the case of creating a blog, in the case as well email marketing takes time to nurture potential customers and helps builds trust. You can give your subscribers helpful and informational content, creating a relationship with them, and when the right time comes, you can share your email marketing campaign through email marketing software. This is helpful not only for lead generation but also for growing sales.

    4. Identify your selling point and unique value proposition

    There is not a great discovery here that the market is highly competitive. And for that, you should give customers a reason to choose your brand. To get desired competitive edge, identify your unique selling point and highlight it to potential customers. It can be about your product's quality or its affordable price. And unique value proposition is more about how your product can make people's lives better.  It can be a remote working tool or productivity software, your job is to highlight their core values is essential.

    And defining your selling point and value should be the basis of all your marketing efforts starting from the sales page content to the product descriptions. This way, you can grow your audience and boost conversion thanks to the value proposition, but don’t forget to carefully analyze your market, your competitors, and your audience's preferences as well.

    5. Provide guarantee and social proof

    One of the essential struggles that many companies face while trying to convert visitors into customers is building trust. And for that, you should collect and share the social proof with your existing customers. It can be in the form of testimonials and reviews, as they can bring great results. And the reason is that people tend to believe other people's opinions of the ads that companies share. Therefore if your customers share their positive experiences about your products, it will play a key role will conceive people from choosing your company. Sharing testimonials will help you build also a  referral program, which will increase customer retention.

    6. Do A/B testing and improve

    You won't succeed, and all these efforts won't bring results if you don't have a clear picture of your efforts. To achieve that, you should think about A/B testing. This will help you define the changes you need to make to gain more customers. Create different versions of website pages or other elements and check which version has better results and can bring conversions. You can use testing tools that will help you understand what pages perform best and what places you need to improve. But before starting A/B testing, define metrics you should compare and goals that you strive to reach. If your website promotes your online store, promote it using eCommerce PPC management and in this case track the process.

    Bonus point

    Write a great call to action

    You already did an important job until this point when the one-time visitors may decide to become your customers. But for that, they need a final push, which can be your call to action. It should be straightforward but also compelling enough to make people take the desired action. The place is short, but your job should be included in it the value the visitors can get by pushing the call to action button.

    Final thoughts

    The most important goals many business owners and marketers have is achieving a high conversion rate. Here we discussed several ways to can follow in order to convert your prospect into customers. Prioritizing the quality of your website, it is important as well to have a blog for creating trustful relationships with your customer. You can forget about building a strong email list and giving the visitors social proof to convince them to buy your products. Do A/B testing as always, as there is always room for improvement. These strategies will give you a great chance to have a high conversion rate and turn visitors into customers.

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