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Added on 15 April 2019

Some Important SEO Trend in 2019 you need to know

15 April 2019

It is time to take up the annual look at what is ahead for SEO experts in this year. Talking about the 2019, with the voice search, virtual reality and Augmented Reality stepping into the Digital Marketing landscape, Google has shaken up the world in terms of the search ranking factors and thus, it is necessary to take charge before the things become overwhelming.

In order to grab a follow up to the new trends and strategy of 2019, many companies are not hesitating taking help form the best SEO Company in Delhi. However, in SEO landscape, there are few strategies which are essential to follow in 2019, here is the list of list you should look upon:

  • Understand the user intent 

Do you have any idea about your audience’s taste? What does they prefer image, video or audio? The idea of the audience’s taste is important than ever in 2019. You need to understand that what someone is expecting when they search a word or phrase. Even the content on your website is perfectly written and optimized, if is not done for the potential audience it won’t help. So, it is extremely important know the user’s intent in 2019 to grow you business.

  • Structured data markup is vital 

If you are thinking that AI becoming increasingly crucial for Google, then add one more word in your list- structured data. No matter how good your AI is if it takes too long to crawl the required information, it will be never worthy. One must pull out your existing content by integrating the fact check data structured data markup.

  • Create exceptional content

With Google algorithm updates in 2018, it is clear now that Google is intensify its focus on evaluating quality of content and the depth of the content on the website. Google track the performance of the websites according to the content on the website. Content strategy should be concrete so that it can answer the query of the customer and getting them on the page.

  • Boost your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness  

As a website owner, you need to focus on the establishing and growing your website and in order to accomplish the goal; you need to boost your expertise, authority and trustworthiness. This is the key thing in 2019. With an intention of ranking at search result pages, one cannot deny the core factor of enhancing the loyalty towards the potential customer.

In Conclusion

By seeing these strategies and trend, we can say that we have only scratched the surface so far. These tactics will focus on how to make the internet a more transparent place to consumer to consume information. 2019 is the year of voice search and effective content production, live-videos, and so on. It seems to be an exciting year for many web owners not just for the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, but for the entire Digital Marketing arena as newer and interesting updates come in. To integrating with all the effective strategies of 2019, you can ask help from one of the Best SEO Services in Delhi.


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