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    Added on 27 March 2019

    Why Magento Cloud Commerce is a Good Option for eCommerce?

    27 March 2019

    Magento has evolved as the best eCommerce platform over the years and most of the successful eCommerce site is based on Magento platform. The enormous benefits associated with this platform cannot be ignored.

    Magento Commerce Cloud which was earlier known as Enterprise Cloud edition is a self managed hosting software which is fully automated for Magento which deals in Cloud infrastructure. The latest version is a fusion of Magento Commerce Cloud Hosting that helps your business attain rapid growth and gives you the idea to promote your brand or services to generate revenues.

    Magento cloud Commerce is beneficial for merchants – How?

    As this platform comprises of features of Magento B2B commerce cloud they directly help your business walk hand in hand with B2B market potential.

    Talking about Magento Commerceit certainly reduces the high application costs as compared to other solutions. Also, the platform functions on AWS wherein Magento enables merchants to adjust to the changes in market, unexpected requirements, adapt alterations and face no issues with the operations.

    Enhanced Experience with eCommerce Store

    Magento Enterprise Cloud is a perfect platform that offers secure, easy to customize and efficient stores. The contract management becomes easy due to built-in facility that offers efficient performance management system and content CDN (content delivery network). Also, this latest version is developed on a cloud hosting infrastructure, AWS that enables maximum outcome, efficiency and reliability.

    Magento Optimized

    The scripts build on Magento platform as well as the service configuration helps merchants to accelerate their business. Thus each and every feature is perfectly configured and developed to optimize the overall performance.

    Ensures consistency and security

    The code installation is based on Git and thus offers consistency with read only environments for complete security.

    With the help of completely scriptable command line system and full REST API this version offers easy integration with outside systems and support current code management functions.

    Excellent Tools 

    Faster clone, merge, spin up tools make the development task easier. QA checking enables identification of bugs.

    Magento Commerce is based on platform at Enterprise level which can be easily hosted ob both premium and cloud and also on offering of Magento Cloud commerce.

    This edition is certainly a perfect version for big businesses that receive higher customer traffic, have large product catalogs, great global recognition and higher business complexity.

    It has a plenty of features embedded to help your business grow.

    Quick Check Out Process

    With Magento Commerce the instant purchase feature makes the entire purchase process easy for the customers. It helps them buy the things they already shopped for. This saves the time on making a purchase and secures a sale.

    Enhanced Shopping Experience for Customers 

    Magento Commerce gives the customers a better shopping experience online. This platform customizes the items that need to be made visible to the customers like product suggestions or promotions that are supposed to be presented to them. This increases the conversion rate so that the visitors get converted to customers.

    The smart features integrated in Magento Commerce helps present the relevant products to the customers based on their location, interests, gender and also their history of shopping or the items added to their wish list.

    The search & filter options allow the customer find the exact item they have been looking for. It helps them save time to search and rather than switching to new site in frustration to find the item of their choice.

    Inbuilt B2B Functionality 

    In B2B if you want a trade website so that it helps you provide services to your retail customers round the clock for bulk buying, Magento Commerce offers incredible functionality. The functionality lets you help your customers sign up for company accounts, organize multiple buyers and benefit from user-friendly self service for seamless buying experience.

    Get benefited from faster order forms, improved quote requests, purchase lists etc can give your business the B2B approach.

    The content presentation & preview feature in Magento Commerce allows your company employees to post content on their own without the involvement of IT teams in the process. SEO is crucial for any eCommerce platform and SEO integration is something that is much needed and thus Magento offers in-built local feature to make sure that your site automatically follow the best SEO practices to optimize your site as per SEO guidelines. 

    Magento actually improves the SEO part for your business portals.

    With Magento it becomes easy to manage your storefront as you can preview the changes you made to the store and easily control almost everything that you want on your store. You can also schedule the updates so that you enjoy the added efficiency.

    Multichannel Efficiency

    Magento has in-built functionality that helps you enjoy multichannel facility as the integration connect with reputed stores like Amazon, eBay that lets your show your products to a wider audience and it is all possible with Magento.

    You can also enjoy the features of Magento commerce and help your eCommerce store generate revenues. You can hire a Magento Enterprise Development Agency so that you can switch to Magento platform.

    It helps small to big businesses sustain and adapt to changes in marketplace. It is certainly the best platform to build your eCommerce store on so that you can directly access and get the benefits of its functionalities. You don’t want to lose your customers and also want to convert visitors into customers. You need to give them a flawless shopping experience and make them sail through easy shopping and buying process so that they enjoy browsing through your store and find it easy to make purchases.

    The customer would never want to keep looking for long for the product they need and thus they prefer a store that helps them save time and automatically offers them product suggestions etc. You too can optimize your site through Magneto Commerce and expand the network of your customers to get increases sales. You will certainly see your business grow in less time.

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