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Added on 22 November

How To Build The Ultimate Hunting Truck

22 November

Bitter cold chilly winds and crumpling leaves under your foot denote the beginning of the winter season. While summers are well-known for extraordinary trips and enthralling activities, winters mark the perfect hunting season.

What can be better than a properly built hunting rig to enjoy the best out of your hunting adventure? All excited for the hunting season but unsure how to outfit your hunting truck? We're here to help.

The most crucial thing that you need to remember while building your hunting truck is that it should be able to travel anywhere and do anything.

When you're venturing into the wild in search of a perfect catch, your truck needs to have exterior and undercarriage protection. That includes aftermarket modifications such as suspension upgrades like off road lift kits, all-terrain tires, shocks, steering/stabilizer components, helper springs, off-road wheel accessories, or even an upgraded drive shaft depending on the intended use.

These modifications allow your truck to take on all the odds you might face inside the wilds and safely handle a variety of terrains. Additionally, your storage area must be as versatile as your hunting truck itself. With efficient storage space, you can tow or haul all the necessary hunting equipment easily along the journey.

And if you plan on using your hunting trucks as a base camp, it needs to be spacious, convenient, and comfortable.

If you're wondering, "How to find the correct off-road tires and lift kits for my truck?" you've just landed at the right place. Let's find out!

4 Practical Things To Build The Ultimate Hunting Truck

Wheels, Tires, And Suspensions

Let's face the fact, you won't be traveling in ideal road conditions with pave, smooth surfaces during your hunting trip. Your hunting trucks used will need to go through off the beaten path. Your truck can be traversing loose gravel, uneven rocky surfaces, or wet, muddy grounds.

All these terrain conditions aren't very forgiving.

While your truck's manufacturer tires can be excellent for on-road use, their shortcomings can quickly become evident in harsh terrain conditions like this.

You'll need off road tires, wheels, and suspension to take on the adverse traveling conditions.

You can't afford to have sophisticated tires that can travel through some muddy ground. Similarly, you can't afford to have delicate and flimsy wheels. And finally, you require off road lift kits for ground clearance and a smooth-riding experience.

As far as the wheels are concerned, your truck will require something durable and robust that can keep up with your hunting journey. We suggest giving Mayhem wheels and Summit Blk/Milled Dually Kit a shot. These off road wheels are specifically engineers to take on the abuse of treacherous terrain.

Purchasing your wheels and tires together comes while various benefits, including special rebates, discounted mounting, balancing, and shipping.

The next things you need are the off road tires that fit perfectly on your off-road wheels. The tires should be sturdy enough to get through grass, rocks, snow, gravel, mud, etc. The last thing you want during your hunting journey is to get stuck.

Some of our favorite mud-terrain tires include Thornbird - Interco Super Swamper Tires, Ridge Grappler AT - Nitto Tire, and BSW Open Country AT2 XTreme - Toyo Tires.

Finally, to mount wheels and tires in place and drive comfortably with greater ground clearance, you'll need upgraded suspension. Browse through the versatile listing on a reputable online tire and off road wheels store to find the correct suspension match for your truck model.


In most conditions, your quality off road tires should prevent your truck from getting in any trouble, especially getting stuck. However, you might face certain terrain conditions during your hunting expeditions that even the ultimate quality tires can't get through.  

Although the chances are very rare with quality tires, it is best to stay prepared. As you'll be traveling deep inside the woods to hunt your prey, connecting for help and actually getting the help may take substantial time. Additionally, if you aren't prepared, such unfortunate experiences can suck out all the enjoyment from your hunting trip.  

A winch can be incredibly helpful in these adverse conditions. A winch is a piece of tool that you can attach to the hunting truck's front bumper. The motorized winches are engineered with a powerful motor, a spool, a long cable, and a heavy-duty hook or carabiner on end.

When you're stuck on a bumpy or muddy surface, you can attach the winch cable to a strong object (most preferably a tree) and switch on the motor. The motor turns the spool and your hunting truck tire out.

Storage components

To enjoy an ultimate hunting expedition safely, you need to carry various equipment with you. From air-compressors, tire tables to hand warmers to shooting gear, you need to pack numerous hunting gear.

Randomly packing all the gear in the truck bed or backseat isn't an ideal option. Various aftermarket options are available to make adequate and smart storage space within your truck.

These include:

  • Lockable tonneau covers
  • Roof racks
  • Trailer hitch racks
  • Under-seat storage
  • Firearm rack and storage

Air Compressor System

A critical accessory that perfectly pairs up a quality set of off road tires is an air compressor. You may encounter varied terrain while driving to a hunting ground, from smooth paved roads to rocky, bumpy grounds.

When driving on-road, it is recommended to inflate your tires according to your tire manufacturer's guidelines. However, when you're off-roading, standard pressures might not always be ideal.

For instance, when traveling across particularly rocky and bumpy terrain, under-inflated tires can be actually advantageous. Low inflation pressures allow the rubber mold to the uneven surface that you're driving on. In such cases, a fully inflated tire would encounter the rocky surface and do more harm than good.

However, after deflating the tires when you return to smooth road surfaces, it is advisable to re-inflate them with adequate pressure to prevent tread damage. In this circumstance, an onboard air compressor may be incredibly beneficial.

Air compressors can Simply deflate your tires enough to effectively cross the trail and then re-inflate them when you hit pavement again.

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