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Added on 20 April 2021

Selecting The Right Image For Your Business Based Banners

20 April 2021

You might have heard of the term banner image already. It is one big picture that you get to see while opening up a web design. Usually located right at the top, this picture’s location might vary depending on the recent design trends you have selected. As per the latest designs, the trends have shifted, and designers are now working hard to make their websites look unique to stand out in the crowd. So, talking about choosing the right banner for your site is a really good call to address.

Perfect banner image for web design:

Before you finalize the banners, it is really important to clear out the banner image point first. In case you aim for the generic “text to the left” style banner image, then you have to go for the proper graphic for the backside.

  • During such instances, the main solution is to come across one image with loads of free space on the left to make the text visible.

  • In case the image is way too busy on the left side, then you have to run into issues associated with illegible text.

  • On the other hand, if the image is busy overall, then the right solution would be to put a dark overlay over it with the white text right on top.

That realistic approach:

It is important to look for that image, which will have that more realistic look to it. Always be careful while selecting the stock image as that might make it look fake for the viewers, and you need to ensure that the user believes in your website and the authenticity involved.

  • In order to get some of the higher quality images, there are some free resources with higher quality images waiting for you to grasp.

  • These websites are noted to have authentic images that won’t look like they are all staged.

Have to be industry and location-specific:

For example, if you are associated with a legal firm, then the image should have a gavel or courtroom to it. As one general rule, these options are most overused, and there are some of the old-fashioned images available. There will be some good uses for these images, but make sure to use them with extreme caution, just to be on the safer side.

Moreover, your images for the banner can be location-specific if the business demands so. Some of the companies are pretty much obsessed with their locations, like the office building, space, or even some facilities. Unless you do have one incredible unique location or directly related to services that you offer, assume that no one literally cares where you work.

Covering unique options:

Another major common practice is to use the skyline or cityscape. This is also unique and effective for the background of the banner image. Avoid picking stock skyline image, which has been used 1000 times by other businesses beforehand. Try to cover some unique options to help make your business stand out.

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