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  • Manila, Philippines
  • Manila, Philippines
Added on 18 March 2019

Election 2019 is already here and everyone's going crazy with their list of candidates and bets! Friends and family members want to show their support by sponsoring and raising funds for the candidates they they'd love to win.

Transfer It! aims to make sure you have the right avenue to campaign and raise funds for your supported candidates.

We can design a page linked to your website dedicated for your fund raising. It is where you can put the description, details and purpose of your undertaking and cause, different merchandises your target audience / buyers can purchase and their respective prices. Aside from these, we can also put your Details, Contact Numbers and shipping options to make the process more efficient for both you and your customers. All transactions will be done online which will save you time, energy and effort.

Doing this will make your job way easier and efficient as Transfer It! will do all the hard work: from setting up your website, to designing the page layout, to providing your merchandise designs, to printing your products, and to shipping and delivery!

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