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    TickleFLEX Insulin Injection Aid is an accessory for the end of your insulin pen that makes self-injecting a safer, more comfortable, more consistent and worry
    • TickleFLEX Insulin Injection Aid
    Added on 09 June 2018
    Are you using #InsulinInjections- The #BestMedicine for type 2 #Diabetes? Then no more need to worry about the risks of #SelfInjecting. Just get TickleFLEX and enjoy the smoother process of self-injecting. Reduce bruising, no needle shearing and the ease of #injecting with just one hand.
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    Of course, TickleFLEX Insulin Injection Aid does not cure diabetes, but for a very modest cost and with relative ease it does make injecting insulin easier to live with. More
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