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    6 Major Challenges of Mobile Application Testing

    24 July 2019

    The rapid use of mobile apps and its fast development, emphasize the need for proper testing before the release into the market. As end users are now apprehensive about user experience and performance, there is a need to talk about the major challenges of mobile application testing.

    Some of the major challenges of mobile app testing are:

    Security Threats

    There is extra security needed for applications running through private cloud when compared to applications running in a public cloud. A secure private cloud would have no data violation and will provide access to testing teams.

    Lack of access to multiple devices

    There are times when two testers would need the same device at one time, and it would become impossible to use the same device by two testers. Therefore, one tester would always remain left out till the other one stops using it. Buying multiple devices is expensive and time-consuming. It is also not advisable to place testers across zones.

    Issues related to UI and app performance

    Customers usually choose an application with a better user experience. Moreover, the app should give a proper, fresh, and pre-defined user interface. An adjournment of more than two seconds might affect user performance, causing a significant impact on user preferences. Mobile apps that are free from defects and errors will give a better user experience, which will directly affect the business sources of the application.

    Reduced time to market

    Strict timelines can greatly affect the testing of the mobile application; they can prevent accomplishing of development, proper design, need overall testing of mobile apps along with the needs of the user. Several stages of mobile app development are strictly related, and it needs to be tested properly. For actual testing and future release, there is a basic requirement for framing sufficient timeliness. Otherwise, it becomes a complete disaster.


    The touch screen allows retrieval and display of data quicker and easier. Nowadays, it is one of the major foundations of user interaction. Testing of touch screen becomes more complicated and constant. On top of this, signs showing data tends to cause a challenge in the testing process.

    Context awareness

    Context awareness is one of the greatest challenges in mobile app testing as it demands new and advanced methodologies. Mobile applications testing in different contexts together with different data can create a new challenge in the whole testing process. Continuously changing usage patterns and environment of smartphones can create a huge impact on context.


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