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Added on 13 June 2019

Annual ROC Filing of Limited Liability Partnership

13 June 2019

Pursuant to the arrangements of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 (known as LLP Act, 2008) as well as the policies made thereunder, every LLP is needed to submit its Annual Return with the administrative Registrar of Business within 60 days from the day of the fiscal year in LLP Form-11 and to file the Its Accounts as well as solvency within on or prior to 30th October for the previous preceding financial year.

If an LLP is integrated on 1st August, 2018, then it must submit its Annual Return in LLP Form 11 with ROC on or prior to 30th May, 2019 for the financial year 2018-19 and its Accounts and Solvency in LLP Form 8 on or before 30th October, 2019

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What are the advantages of the ROC annual filings of the LLP?

  1. Prompt compliance develops track records for company in the eyes of Regulation.
  2. Substantial and rigorous fines are prevented;( INR. 1000 per day for Company and INR. 100 each day for LLP).
  3. Easy Loaning possibility for company having routine conformity background.
  4. Fast approval when company goes with any type of brand-new endeavors as a result of clear image in the eyes of Law such as IPO, Merger & Amalgamation, Joint Endeavor with Foreign entity, Listing of Shares on Heap Exchanges and many more advantages are there.
  5. Directors are saved from being Invalidated due to non-filing of financial statements and annual return.

What will you get in LLP Annual Filing package?

  1. Filed LLP Form 8 & its paid challan
  2. Filed LLP Form 11 & its paid challan.
  3. Specialist assistance on completion of ROC annual
  4. filing compliance. Certification of LLP Form 8 and LLP Form 11.
  5. Updated Master Information and clean track record of your LLP.
  6. Upto day records of the LLP, if asked for.
  7. 2 DSC tokens of the Designated Allies for filing of ROC compliance forms.

What are the forms to be filed in LLP ROC Annual Filing? 

There are two Forms are needed to be filled up for the LLP ROC annual filing:.

1. Form 8 for Accounts and also Solvency of the LLP. 

2. Form 11 for Annual Return of the LLP.

What is the procedure for the LLP ROC Annual Filing?
Step 1: Provide us with the Certified or Audited (If audit applies) Financial statements of the LLP. 
Step 2: We will certainly prepare the draft records as well as send it to you for signature.
Step 3: On invoice of authorized papers from you we will certainly schedule filing of forms.
Step 4: Obtain approval Email from the MCA office upon effective ROC annual filing.
What Records are required for the LLP ROC Annual Filing?
Income Tax PAN of the LLP
Valid as well as active DSC Token of at the very least 2 Designated Allies. 
Financial Statements of the LLP prepared and certified by the Designated Allies of the LLP.
Exactly how TaxMuneem will assist with the LLP ROC Annual Filing? 
1. Understanding of demands
Our team will certainly be carrying out the testimonial of the job and appropriately skilled assistance will be supplied with a professional strategy towards the ROC annual filing and also its timelines and also just how to proceed with it.
2. Paperwork
After undergoing your needs we will prepare the documents connecting to the ROC annual filing.
3. Filing of forms & Returns
Besides the formalities and processes are finished, our professional will certainly schedule preparing as well as filing of needed forms and also returns with the jurisdictional Registrar of Business( ROC) in around 5- 10 working days.


Taxmuneem is the leading provider of support services to businesses and clients, such as online private limited company registration, limited liability partnership registration, online accounting and maintenance More


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