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    Added on 22 October 2019

    Importance of UI/UX in Mobile App Development by Supertron Infotech

    22 October 2019

    In today’s competitive scenario, UI/UX of software, mobile app or a website is as important as its functionality. No matter how useful the features are, but if it is not user friendly, it won’t be successful. UI/UX increases user satisfaction as well as the conversions, and above all it ensure success of the application being developed. The user interface is the key that make users engaged with your business. The more complicated the business logic of your website or web application, the greater the need for a functional user interface.

    The UI component of a mobile application enhances the overall look and feel of the app, majorly determining how the application is presented to its users. On the other hand, a good UX largely determines the impact and ease of application usability for its customers. Maintaining an effective user experience results in increased trust and user satisfaction towards the brand. UX routinely improves the applicability and effectiveness of the application through continuous research regarding the target market, industry, user’s need and many other crucial factors.

    For any application to be successful in the real world, the company needs to provide the end-users with an engaging and efficient User Friendly Experience. It lets the organization achieve better business goals by building a diligent brand name, improving its reputation, and generating increased user traffic and business revenues. A good user experience is a win-win situation for both sides of the business flow. Below few reasons why we should give importance to UI/UX :

    •      Customer Attraction & Acquisition

    Successful user experience and design provides a competitive advantage. They will likely overtake price as key brand differentiators that attract new users. Great enterprise UI/UX is more than just effective product design – it’s good business.

    •      Customer Retention

    By building an application that’s beautiful and intuitive, more people will want to use it, and more importantly continue using it. In this digital world, customer retention is increasingly important as competition grows with every technological advancement.

    •      Decreasing Support Cost

    If an application is not designed properly, there will be an increased need for training, documentation, and support later, which translates into higher costs. An app that is intuitive and easy to use puts less stress on both employees and the bottom line.

    •      Increased Productivity

    Better user experience leads to productivity improvements. When you consider the increased productivity over the number of users and hours of day each user is active, the financial impact is readily apparent – and substantial.

    With rapid change in technology, it is becoming important for companies to embrace UI/UX design – not as a one-time event, but as a continuous practice of a long-term business strategy.

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