Added on 13 February 2020

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    13 February 2020

    After writing articles about merchant navy courses and careers, Apnaahangout has been getting loads of queries related to this field. Readers have been asking me questions regarding course details and nature of the work. Keeping those readers in mind, I’ve decided to compile a list of pros and cons of working in the merchant navy.

    As I said before, this article is like a guide. Using it, readers will get a better idea about the life and work (nature of work) of a sailor. These facts will help interested candidates make informed decisions!

    Travel lovers will find this point very attractive. The merchant navy, without any doubt, will help you travel around the world. It is a job that involves seafaring. You can travel around the world for free, since your job takes you around the world!

    Being a part of the merchant navy, you will be visiting various ports spread all across the world. Once the ship gets docked at the port, you may go out and explore the place. Exploration and similar activities depends on the duration of the ship’s stay at the port.

    Merchant navy jobs are high paying. I do agree that this sector has lost its old glory. Pay and perks are not as good as it used to be. Competition has increased and average salary has gone down a bit.

    Sailors who sail for more than 182 days are given the status of NRI by the Government of India. If a sailor sets on journey (away from India) for more than 182 days, he or she, technically can identify as a NRI.

    This NRI status can be used to avail Income tax as well as other financial benefits. The income of an NRI sailor will be totally tax free! To attain the NRI status, the sailor must have spent more than 182 days of a financial year outside India. If he or she satisfies this criterion, the income will be tax-free for that particular financial year.

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