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    Sirico’s is Brooklyn’s most modern and tasteful event planning and catering hall, which is family owned and operated for over 90 years.
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    Added on 02 March 2020

    Avoid Corporate Catering Disasters By Hiring A Event Catering

    02 March 2020

    Appointing a full-service corporate cater in Brooklyn, NY makes good sense, especially if you are accountable for putting together a large gathering or celebration. Organizing a corporate party isn’t easy to pull off by yourself. In fact, it can be exceedingly stressful & fraught with possibility for disaster.

    However, by working with a full-service catering firm you can avoid many of the disasters involved with a stressful event planning task.

    Menu decisions:

    Are you sure about the kind of food you wish to cater at your corporate party? Many people don’t, or their ideas are not unified. A pro corporate catering service in Brooklyn, NY can help you craft a menu that’s appropriate for your get together. They can even customize a menu keeping your guest’s special diets in mind.

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    Venue selection:

    Having access to the perfect spot for your corporate gathering – one that fulfills your needs in regards to accessibility, capacity, cost and amenities – can take a considerable amount of time & effort. Fortunately, with the luxury of a full-service catering company, you will save yourself the annoyance of venue selection.

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    Event details:

    Does the nature of your corporate party require you to rent chairs, tables or other supplies? Will you have to reserve entertainment, do floral arrangements or find decorations? A comprehensive event catering firm can deal with all these important details alongside any other party preparations.

    Event setup:

    Setting the dining table & arranging the rest of the venue space is a time-consuming process & also demands a great deal of labor. Hire a full-service corporate caterering in Brooklyn NY and you don’t need to have the headache of any of the setup tasks.

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    Event cleanup:

    Once your event is done, the last thing you need to worry about cleaning up. However, with a full-service catering firm, you won’t have to. The crew will handle the cleanup task, making certain their effort meets the specifications of the event. And, if you would like to keep the leftovers, the caterer may pack it up for you. Whenever you plan to organize a corporate get-together in Brooklyn NY, feel free to partner with Sirico’s – a reputable full-service event caterer serving the Brooklyn area and the surrounding communities. Our team will take on the preparation of all of the above tasks and make sure your gathering is a great success. We also offer pocket-friendly corporate catering packages & delicious menu options to make sure you don’t have to look anywhere else for anything related to corporate catering. Get your quote now!


    Sirico’s is Brooklyn’s most modern and tasteful event planning and catering hall, which is family owned and operated for over 90 years. We are conveniently located in Dyker Heights and boasts of having More
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