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Added on 19 February 2019

Get a crash course in video production lingo

19 February 2019

Are you feeling intimidated by the lingo used by the production people at the set? It is crucial that you understand some of the words they are using for communication so that you can forward your inputs, if any, about the production process. Read on for a crash course in the lingo used by the production experts so that you can come up with best video production for your next promotion campaign:

Shooting not filming:

People from non-production background often ask if the ‘filming’ of the video has started. In video shooting, there is no film involved. Everything is being shot on a digital video camera. Digital video is the most used medium nowadays because it can be edited easily and is more accessible. When the video production NYC company beings shooting then you will hear that people shouting the word “shoot”.


In video production, you will not find a producer but a videographer who is in charge of the entire process.


The video making process is highly technical and you will come across a number of new words being used by the video production company staff.

Accent light:

The accent light is something that emphasises on a single subject.


This is known as the supplemental shots. Though the term A-shot is not used you can think of it as A and B footage.

Call sheet:

The call sheet is a list of talent, crew or client who will be present in the shooting that day. It will also contain the full details of time, place of shooting, attire, day’s schedule and equipment.


A clapper is a board that claps after the director says “Lights, camera, action”. It is a useful piece of equipment that separates one shot from the other. It is usually a black and white rectangular piece which creates a specific sound before everyone goes quiet and the shooting begins.


These are tripods that hold up the camera.


This refers to a transparent sheet that reduces the brightness of lights.

These are some more of the many words that you will find being used around you as long as the shooting continues.


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