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Added on 16 May 2019

Reasons Why One Should Install a Dash Cam

16 May 2019

Reasons Why One Should Install a Dash Cam - With the insertion of new technology such as electronic logging devices and dash cams, the trucking industry is developing rapidly. Nowadays, there is lot more focus on safety that results in minimizing the number of road accidents and here dash cams play a crucial role in achieving that goal.

If you are still in confusion that whether you should place a dash cam or not in your vehicle, this blog may help you to decide.

Reasons why you should install a Dash Cam

1. More Effective Driver Coaching Programs

Dash Cams add a layer of safety and effectiveness to high-risk drivers. With the help of dash cams, safety managers can see the unfold events from the driver’s perspective. This will also allow them to offer personalized and more effective coaching to drivers.

For instance, Dashcam with GPS Tracking mounts to the dashboard and records the incidents journey whenever the car is turned on and moving. Front Facing dash cam will capture the videos that will allow you to see what happened and later on help you to use that information to rectify driver’s mistake, if any.

2. Protection from fraudulent Claims

According to studies, in 85% of truck-passenger accidents passenger vehicle are found to be in fault, commercial and local drivers are more likely to be blamed when such cases are litigated.  If front-facing dash cam is there in your car, you can provide video evidence of what exactly happened and acquit drivers when they don’t have any fault.

3. Better Insurance Rates

Insurance providers understand the value of dash cams and the impact they can have on safety level of fleet. More and more insurance companies are expected to provide fewer premiums to fleets with devices that help improve safety for e.g., ELDs and dash cams. Click Here to read continues.


4. Improve CSA Scores

Having Dash cams on your car dashboard will lead to more robust and effective driver coaching programs, fewer safer driving behaviors on road and an improved level of fleet safety. All these factors lead you towards improving CSA scores. With better CSA scores better business opportunities arrive and this may also have positive impact on bottom line of your company.

A front-facing dash cam has lots of advantages for fleets of all sizes. From effective driver coaching programs to insurance rates and better CSA scores, there are many reasons why one needs to install a dash cam.

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