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Added on 26 June 2019

The Evolution Of Education Throughout History

26 June 2019

Education is a process of receiving and giving knowledge learning from one generation to the other. Education is a process of learning new things. It is used as a tool for gaining knowledge. The rise of civilization in Egypt and Mesopotamia, are known for their large body of knowledge of their time. The tons of knowledge becomes too heavy to transmit it to the future generation, so the concept of the classroom came into existence. But if we see in this modern world of technology, some cultures didn’t like the idea to go to school and study. In early ages, child labor is very common to help their parents in the field. But after industrialization, the need for child labor is decreased and it became necessary for every child to receive education to develop skills. It is universally accepted that every child has to seek education in order to fit society.

Education becomes necessary with the advent of industrialization and ending of child labor

Man grows food for people and for his dependence to fill their empty stomach. An abundance of food allowed people to have more children. These children not only help their parents in the field but also take care of their younger siblings at home. The child was considered good as long as he worked hard according to the wishes of his parents. After the industrialization a great change has been seen in child labor, it decreased drastically and education become necessary for every child.

Reading and writing skills are learned easily through formal education

For about two millennia, children learn things through exploration and playful activities. Kids learned by their elder’s trial and error. But the experience was not always enough to teach sufficient reading writing skills to kids, the school assumed vital in all societies to spread literacy and knowledge.

Rote learning with fear of punishment

For a very long time, repetition and rote learning were assumed as a method of transferring education to children. Hence, it is boring for small kids as it did not come naturally to them. Teachers have the ability to sense that children easily learned more through play and enjoyable activities. For a very long time, the punishment was used as a tool for learning.

Now modern education has become less harsh on students as compared to old times right now there are many websites that provide online educational services like Homework Doer, We Write Essay, Pro Homework Help - Pay Me To Do Your Homework. In recent times, education has become less harsh because of including interesting activities as part of the curriculum in schools. It has been understood that children have a natural urge to play and explore and now punishment has come down on a very low-level scale.


This article aimed to analyze the prehistoric stage of education and its development in the earliest ages of human society.

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