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    Added on 04 July

    Fetch Rewards Review: 10 Things to Know Before You Sign Up

    04 July

    There is nothing better than getting free stuff. That’s why so many people are signing up for Fetch Rewards. It’s a great way to cut down on your spending budget, or to give yourself a gift or two every now and then. However, before you sign up, make sure that you know everything involved in signing up. Here are 10 things to know before you take the step and sign up for Fetch Rewards.

    How It Works

    The main thing you need to know is how the program works. At its most basic, you earn points for shopping. The more shopping you do, the more points you get. Every time you buy something, you can submit that receipt to Fetch Rewards and get a minimum of 25 points. You can earn more points if you purchase certain partner brands. You can use paper receipts as well as online and texted or emailed receipts. All you have to do is submit them to the Fetch Rewards app.

    You Can Submit From Any Store Or Restaurant

    Many loyalty programs only give you points if you buy specific brands or products. Not so with this program. You can buy anything and receive points. Every receipt you submit will give you a minimum of 25 points, which can go up depending on what was purchased. Whether you dine out, shop for groceries, or buy yourself a new outfit, you can submit those purchases and get points.

    Redeem For Just About Anything

    Redeeming with Fetch Rewards is simple and fast. You can use the Fetch Rewards app to navigate all of your possible options. At the bottom of the dashboard there is a tab labeled “rewards.” Tab on that link and you will get to a list of products for which you can redeem your points. If they are outlined in gold, then it means that you have enough points to redeem. You can also search for specific items or brands as well. There are thousands of choices, meaning that you are bound to find something you can use.

    Many Big Brands Are Involved

    Whether you are looking to redeem, or looking to purchase, there are many big brands that are working with Fetch Rewards. For some, if you make a purchase of that brand’s products, you can earn extra points to get you closer to your goal. Plus, these popular brands have made their products available for redeeming points. You can get free stuff from the biggest companies on earth.

    You And Your Friends Can Benefit

    One of the best ways to earn bonus points is by referring your friends to the program. If they sign up, then you can get up to 4000 extra points. They can then refer their own friends, and get extra points for themselves. Everyone wins, and everyone you refer to Fetch Rewards can owe you one for helping them get free stuff.

    You Can Take Advantage of Special Offers

    Referring friends and family to the program isn’t the only way to get extra points. There are always special offers that you can take advantage of to boost your point totals. There are always different offers available under the “discover” option of the Fetch Rewards app. In most cases, getting a special offer means buying a certain product during a specified timeframe. You can earn up to 5000 points per transaction this way.

    You Can Do It All Online

    There’s no need to even leave your house to take advantage and earn as many Fetch Rewards points as possible. Even by shopping online, you can submit your e-receipt to the Fetch app and earn your points. Literally any purchase you make, whether it be in person, by phone, or online, you can earn points. It’s that easy.

    Keep An Eye On Partner Brands

    Partner brands are a huge part of the Fetch Rewards program. Have your eye on a specific product that you want to get for free? If you have a receipt with a partner brand, you can skyrocket your points and get closer to your goal. You may usually choose items based purely on their price. However, if you want points, you can target those big brands and get excellent quality products while also earning towards something great. It’s a win-win.

    Your Points Will Not Expire

    Once you have earned points, they are yours until you use them. You can be patient and build up to get whatever your target is. You don’t have to rush. However, there are some caveats with this. If you don’t use your account for 91 days, then you will lose your accumulated points the next day. Therefore, as long as you continue to submit receipts to earn points, you will be able to keep everything you earn and use it all when it comes time to redeem.

    It’s Fun!

    The fact is, Fetch Rewards isn’t just profitable, but it’s fun. You will enjoy seeing your points total rise, and shopping with an eye towards maximizing your rewards. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Getting rewards will put a smile on your face, and keep money in your bank.

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