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    Added on 07 December 2018

    Top 15 Highest Selling Grocery Products Online In India

    The best online grocery store in India. Retail Pharma is an online supermarket for all your daily needs. Online shopping now made easy with a wide range of groceries and home needs.

    Here, The list of best selling products in India at RetailPharmaindia.com

    1. 1. Nescafe Coffee Classic 25gm Jar:

    The taste and aroma of coffee beans to wake up your senses — now that really is a treat like none other. Combined with chicory and the best beans picked from the most qualitative plantations around the world, you cup of Nescafe Classic Coffee will never let you down in the energy department.

    2. Red Label Tea 1kg Pouch:

    Red Label Tea has been a household name for tea in India. It is available in various flavours such as Red Label Natural flavour which combines Ayurvedic ingredients with quality tea, Red Label Dust which has strong aroma and Red Label Special which has sustained flavour and superior colour.

    3. Bru Coffee Gold Instant 50gm:

    Bru Gold Instant Coffee offers you the authentic taste of coffee in its purest form. It is a perfect blend of high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans which are sourced from the finest plantations of South India. The coffee is finely sorted and roasted to perfection to deliver a mix that retains its qualities for a long time. It is also easy to use as it mixes effortlessly with water and milk. This smooth coffee mix is an excellent way to start a fresh day, or catch up on some important moments. You can now savour every sip to the fullest with Bru Gold 100% pure coffee.

    4. Mango Aloevera Juice 300ML:

    Alofrut as the brand name suggest is most refreshing and healthy fusion of Aloevera gel juice and pulp and fruit blends. Aloevera is known worldwide as a rich source of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acid. This is unique fusion of health and taste. Go ahead , have it …….. We will make more….

    5. Dhampur Green Demerara Sugar (Brown Sugar) 500 Gm:

    Dhampur Green Demerara Sugar is regarded by coffee connoisseurs as an essential ingredient in the art of creating a perfect cup of coffee. With its golden colour and subtle molasses flavour it is an exotic sugar with a golden colour and an aromatic flavour. This traditional sugar has a deep golden colour and has an appetising aroma. Whilst it serves to add flavour to end product, it makes the befitting complement to coffee, and imparts a delicious crunch and flavour to fruit crumbles, biscuits, cereals, fruits and porridge.

    6. Farm Naturelle (Farm Natural Produce) Cinnamon Infused Natural Wild Forest Honey — 815 Grams:

    The highest quality Cinnamon is infused in100% pure natural un-processed Wild Forest honey from jungles of Jim Corbett Park (Nainital) to create a delicious and healthy snack that’s best enjoyed as a topping on yogurt or on ice-cream, or directly from Spoon. Have this with warm water and lemon and go for a walk for quick weight loss. No added chemicals, preservatives or aroma or sugar.

    7. Go Earth Organic Fenugreek 500gm:

    • Make sustainable efforts to convert culture chemical free, economically viable, ecologically enriching using Gobar — Gaumutra based inputs, non GMO seeds adopting NPOP norms of APEDA
      Keen to move Farm Life, Farrner Life and Human de
      Real Taste Real Aroma
      Producing satthy organic food and promoting organic timing practic.
      100% natural
      Chemical Free
      No artificial colors
      No preservatives

    8. Grenera Moringa Pomegrante Tea 18 Tea Bags Box:

    Pomegranate is considered to be one of the most nutritious fruits owing to its very high antioxidant contents. We blend dried pieces of delicious pomegranate pieces with African hibiscus petals and Moringa leaves and they form a perfect refreshing drink. Moringa Pomegranate has been very popular among the health conscious people.

    9. Nutriorg Instant Oats 500gms:

    Nutriorg Instant Oats Is 100% Gluten Free. Start Your Day With A Bowl Of Nutriorg Instant Oat To Boosts Your Intake Of B-Complex Vitamins. Nutriorg Instant Oats Gives You Half Of Your Daily Requirement Of Vitamin A, An Antioxidant That Benefits Your Vision And Helps Strengthen Your Immune System. Nutriorg Instant Oats Is Also Rich In Calcium, Magnesium And Phosphorus, Which Are Crucial For The Health Of Your Bones, Nerve Function And Muscle Development. Adding Instant Oats To Your Diet Can Help You Increase Your Fiber Intake And Keep Your Cholesterol Low. Oats Are Rich In Fiber Thus Helps In Reducing The Excess Fat From Body.

    10. NutroActive Whole Almond Flour With Skin 200 Gm:

    Grain Free Baking — Almond flour is an excellent grain free flour to make low carb gluten free breads, cookies, pancakes etc. Almond flour can be used for making lot of Indian recipes like roti, paratha, dosa, uttapam, kheer, halwa etc. It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals and is beneficial for health.

    11. NutraHi Multigveggie Gluten Free Pasta 250g:

    Description: Gluten free pasta equally beneficial for normal population as well as gluten intolerant people.
    Type: Pasta
    Shelf Life: 24 months
    Weight: 250gm
    Food Preference: Vegetarian
    Speciality: Gluten Free

    12. Organic Wellness Real Tulsi Green Tea Saffron 25 Tea Bag:

    OW’ Real Tulsi Green Tea + Saffron is an exceptional blend of Tulsi and premium Green Tea complemented by exotic Saffron. Tulsi is a great stress reliver and boosts the immune system. Rich in antioxidants it helps eliminate toxins from body that cause free radical damage to cells. Green Tea boosts metabolim, helps burn up fat and assists in effective weight management. Saffron among other things is used to treat breathe related ailments and is as an expectorant.

    • Works great as a stress reliever and boosts the immune system.
    • Eliminates toxins from the body that cause free-radical damage to cells.
    • Boosts metabolism, helps burn up fat and assists in effective weight management.
    • Beneficial to treat breathing-related ailments, works well as an expectorant.

    13. All In One Herbal Lemon Tea Premix Sulphur Less Sugar(25 Pouches):

    For the first time ever all natural ingredients of an Herbal Lemon Tea come together in a single pack. It contains the richest Indian herbs and spices blended in the perfect ratio which makes you fall in love with its fascinating colour,inviting aroma,fabulous taste and a whole lot of health benefits. Its not just a tea but a freind to the health and well being of your entire family.

    1)Empty an all in one herbal lemon tea sachet in a tea cup.

    2) Pour hot water into the cup and stir to dissolve. 

    3) Also drink herb particles at the bottom to increase benefits. Never boil on flame. Never mix the milk.

    14. Jiva Honey 1Kg:

    A well-known and widely-accepted rejuvenating tonic that boosts up body immunity in general, and especially the respiratory system. It works as a shield to the body and prevents it from various seasonal as well as chronic health problems.

    15. Nutriorg Sunflower Oil 500 Ml:

    Sunflower oil has been used for cooking since ages, it is a non-volatile oil that is extracted from sunflower seeds. Its composition makes it one of the healthiest oils for not only consumption but also its application on the hair and skin.

    E-Commerce business in India is thriving and newer items get added to the list of commodities every day.

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