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    Added on 23 December 2019

    How to manage AOL Spam Settings in Mail or Desktop Gold

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    Spam control is a necessary step to avoid your email account get loaded with some unwanted messages. A lot of spam can create space issue in your email account and also can create some virus that may affect your device as well. Now you need to manage spam setting in AOL email or AOL desktop gold that is so easy and you can get rid of spam messages at earliest. If you are getting puzzled in this situation you need to call at AOL Desktop Gold Install and get the professional support with easy solutions to get rid of the issue. However, in this article, you can get some easy steps to follow to manage your spam settings easily.

    Easy steps to identify the spam in the mail or AOL desktop Gold

    To get the best solution, first of all, you need to find the easy way to identify the spam messages then you can take any actions. Below are some easy steps through which you can identify the spam messages:

    • You get strange messages from an unknown email address
    • If you get something that is too good to be true
    • You get the brand named emails with a spelling mistake.
    • Unfamiliar emails with catchy taglines.
    • You are getting messages from jackpot or prizes that you haven’t heard ever.

    When you get these types of emails you can be sure that these are the spams and now can take any action.

    Easy steps to manage AOL spam settings 

    There are several methods to get the job done but here in this article, you will get some easy methods that you can perform on your own and get fixed. Now go through these steps:

    Solution 1. You can easily mark and delete unwanted spam messages in AOL mail or Desktop gold. Now follow these steps:

    • First of all log into your AOL desktop gold or AOL mail
    • Now you need to go to inbox
    • Mark the selected spam messages
    • Now to the top of the page and delete them in a one go

    Solution 2. You can create a specific spam folder to redirect your spam messages into a specific folder. To process this method follow these steps:

    • Firstly login to your AOL account
    • Go to the “Options”
    • A new window will be open where you need to tap on “Spam settings”
    • Now type your username and email address
    • You can add more than one email address by clicking on the plus (+) icon
    • After adding email addresses click on the “Save” button to finish the job.

    Now if you are able to manage the spam issue on your own and able to follow the steps easily, the job is done. However, if you get stuck at some place and need support you should promptly call at Install AOL Desktop Gold for Mac for a proper solution.

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