Ralli Wolf

  • 4, Fairlie Pl, Fairley Place, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata -700 001
Ralli Wolf is one of the leading Electric Power Tools Manufacturer and Welding Machines Suppliers in India.
  • 4, Fairlie Pl, Fairley Place, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata -700 001
Added on 24 September 2018
Ralliwolf GQ4/GQ4BR11 has numerous applications other than conventional grinding/weld dressing in light engineering works. It is widely used for rust removal (derusting) in heavy steel fabrication industries by using circular wire brush. In steel foundries GQ4 is typically used in manual fettling work for cutting of risers from intricate cavities of castings with suitable collet (available as accessory) & by selection of suitable mounted grinding points. With tapered extended spindle, Ralliwolf GQ4 efficiently buffs/polish stainless steel surface with accessories like calico polishing mops applied with emery paste & is must tool for stainless steel fabricators. Electroplaters also use Ralliwolf GQ4 for buffing & surface finish. #grinder #ralliwolf ralliwolf.com

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