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    Added on 03 September 2019

    4 Astounding SEO Experiments

    03 September 2019


    There is no dearth of theory and best practices in SEO. However, experimentation is what keeps this industry on the move. All the best practices which are existent today are the outcome of past experiments-failures and successes. Everything that is done in SEO is an opportunity to learn and improve. Here are some SEO experiments which are worth learning-

    Is Organic Search Click-Through Rate Matter?

    You are well aware that machine learning such as Google RankBrain is changing SEO as you know it. Google uses RankBrain for all search, and it impacts numerous queries. Is Rank Brain or similar machine-learning-based elements impacting rankings? If it so, then why? Well, this is exactly what experts wanted to find out what is a good click-through rate for organic search.

    For such an experiment, we look at a set of 1,000 keywords from Google’s Search Console for WordStream site. What experts found it interesting. In April, the average CTR for top position was 22 percent. This was increased to 24% by July and 27% by September. Therefore, the data showed top-ranked results had the highest CTRs by September. At the same time, data confirmed that lower positions (4-10) were hardly being clicked. This is what top companies offering SEO services in Noida would expect from a machine learning algorithm. It is offering the best answers which are based on the maximum user engagement. This means fewer people will have to scroll down and click the lower results.

    Is Organic CTR an Organic Search Ranking Factor?

    Now, you are aware that CTR. But what is the link between organic CTR and organic search rankings? There are many people who work at Google have said they don’t utilize click-through rate for ranking purpose. But when they say all this, they mean that don’t utilize as a ‘direct’ signal. Could it be that clicks which have an indirect impact on Google’s search results?

    The top SEO company in Noida decided to know the answer to the query with an experiment decided to find out how CTR impacts SEO rankings. The goal of such an experiment was to see whether there is a clear cut relationship between organic search CTR and organic search position. The major challenge was separating CTR and ranking.

    Can Rewriting Your Titles Boost Your CTR?

    Therefore, if you will be rewarded for having a higher click-through rate, what is the most effective way of raising CTR? If people see nothing else, they will see your headline in the SERPs. Your content might be great; however, they won’t click on it in case the headline is boring. SEO has changed. It’s stupid to write title tags in the way you did in 2010! WordStream has been attempting to move away from overly ‘’optimized’’ ‘’SEO titles’’ like ‘’Guerilla Marketing: 20+Examples and Strategies to Stand Out’’.

    This old headline followed ‘’SEO best practices’’. The vital keyword was at the front and everything fell within 60 characters. Therefore, a little CTR optimization experiment. The title of the post-was-‘’20+ Jaw-Dropping Guerrilla Marketing Examples’’. The new headline is closer to this headline template foregrounds the list format, emotional impact, and the type of content.

    Do Website Engagement Rates have An Impact Organic Searches?

    It is essential to create clickable headlines, but the goal isn’t only to create clickbait. You must have great engagement metrics. If people feel they are being betrayed and return to SERP, Google might detect it. Dwell time is something which matters. And the time spent on site is a much better proxy for dwell time as compared to the bounce rate.

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