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Added on 01 August 2020

Most Amazing Tool To Create Fillable Form - The Form Converter

01 August 2020

The world is going smarter day by day due to the evolution of technology, so the documentation process is. Now, most organizations are working paperless, which is a great idea and good for the environment. But still, there are some issues due to which going total paperless is not possible. It is not the common issue it is facing by most companies, even government organizations, because we are working on papers till now. The paperless revolution took place a decade ago. But what to do with the old papers which contain the records. Various types of documents exist in which one of the types is- “The form.” 

The form is a type of document which contains the information in sequential form. It is composed of fields. For collecting data, it is distributed to some specific persons like a candidate waiting for an interview or a person who wants to open an account in a bank or candidate is seeking a loan, etc. The thing is to create a new online form, which is just similar to the existing paper form is a big task in which there may be chances of error and also the utilization of human resources. So it will be best to have a tool - Form Converter, which can convert any filled form into fillable form with all the existing fields. By using it, you can also add some new fields according to the nature of work. 

What Kind of Features Should Form Converter Have?

The features are the things that can make a tool quite useful for a company or an organization. So here is the list of elements which form converter should have-

  • It must have all the essential input components to capture the details.

  • It must have an autocomplete feature.

  • User Friendly.

  • Platform Friendly.

  • Able to detect and identify all fields.

  • Able to detect the format of existing forms.

  • E-Signature enabled.

  • It must convert the created forms into templates for reuse or easily be used by others.

  • If there will be a drag and drop facility, then it will be suitable for users.

  • Helpful in document management systems.

  • Easy customization facility.

  • Easily shareable.

  • Easily downloadable.

  • It must be useful for the workflow process.

  • Create easily dispatchable forms.  

All the above-listed features belong to the perfect fillable form solution, which can be done through form converter.

Advantages of Form Converter

In other words, it is also called a document converter. Here are some benefits to it, which will let you know that it will be useful. 

  • Reduce the use of papers.

  • Cost-Effective.

  • Easy Data Capturing.

  • Collects data securely.

  • Synchronization of data with various platforms.

  • Process Automation.

  • Sharing of data with interested parties.

  • Easy Searching 

  • There is no need to reserve the space for files or folders which keep the filled forms.

  • Helps in the approval and tracking process.

            & Many more.

 It is all about the fillable form and form converter. Various online service providers have expertise in providing this kind of solution. So by contacting them, you will have the best services regarding fillable form.


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