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Added on 18 October 2022
Protolabz eServices | Steps to Follow for Successful Website Design

Identify the goal of the website for which purpose the website is going to design.

After goal identification, define the scope of the project. Understand web pages and features required to fulfill the goal and timeline for building those out.

In this step, you can start digging into the sitemap, defining how the content and features in the scope definition will interrelate.

Now we have a picture of a website, start creating content for individual pages. Think about SEO while writing content for pages. Try to write on topics searched by people on google in specific regions.

Now website is ready with all meaningful pages, and we have defined how they display to website visitors. It is time to make sure the entire website will work smoothly. Manual website browsing on multiple devices is crucial to ensure good UI & UX.

It is everyone's favorite part of the website design process. If everything is tested thoroughly and you are happy with your website. It's time to launch.

Protolabz eServices is one of the great and most trustworthy website design companies in Mohali dedicated to providing living touch to your website by offering great UI/UX.

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