Added on 17 April 2019

    What Would Be Better: Hair Weaving or Bonding?

    17 April 2019

    Baldness or loss of hair is an increasingly common phenomenon in today's world which triggers due to stress and lifestyle imbalances.

    Hair weaving is a procedure of adding natural hairs to the existing hair through synthetic hair or weaving. This procedure is also known as artificial hair integration. The hair strands are woven to the root so that from scalp natural hair grows out. To give long and thick hair, it is a procedure of mixing artificial human hairs into a person's natural hair. It is a hard technique, but if it is done by professionals, it will be rewarding for many.

    Hair Bonding is the one of the solutions for the problem. It is the alternate art of integrating human hair with your own hair to give you the most natural hair. The treatment is often interpreted as "Wig Fixing" and "Artificial Hair". But the major advantage of this procedure is the density of hair which an individual gets the best hair wigs in delhi. If you want to take yourself 10-20 years back, this treatment is especially meant for you.

    Hair weaving technique:

    This procedure can be performed on any individual who is suffering with baldness. People who are suffering from a critical condition such as high blood pressure and kidney diseases, should not opt for this procedure. Straight, curly, soft and wavy type of hair can be grown through this technique.

    There are many hair weaving techniques and one of the best is sewing hairs on the artificial scalp. There is no surgery and medication involved in it. Adaptability and Flexibility are one of the greatest advantages of this procedure. The growing hair can be shampooed, oiled and combed, without damaging the scalp.

    Hair bonding technique:

    Hair bonding is a non-surgical procedure of hair replacement. It involves shaving off the bald region of the scalp. This is followed by adding silicon bond on the scalp. A person can wash, shampoo, oil or comb comb, oil the hair without any restriction and without hurting the scalp. Since silicon soft bond is used in the process, it is also known as hair silicon bonding.

    Advantages of hair bonding over hair weaving:

    This is one of the low-cost procedures that provides flexibility to a person. Apart from being a medically approved procedure, this can ensure a 100 per cent outward flow of the hair strands. The volume of hair that can be grown with this procedure has no bounds. A patient can grow any type of hair or style it up as per his/her wishes. The procedure is applicable for both male and female.

    Things to keep in mind for hair bonding: 

    This procedure requires monthly maintenance of the hair and can be time-consuming. Serum needs to be used in the hair that is being fixed to the scalp. This procedure also requires a person to use hair products regularly. For instance, timely use of oil, shampoo etc are a must.

    Therefore, before you decide to go for any one of the techniques, do consult a specialist and get it done only through a professional.

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