Phase Electric

  • 2327 S Redwood Rd 1631 Leighton Ave Los Angeles, CA 90062
Phase Electric was started with a vision to deliver safe and affordable electric solutions to Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding communities.
  • Providing the highest quality of electrical installation
  • 2327 S Redwood Rd 1631 Leighton Ave Los Angeles, CA 90062
Added on 14 June 2022
Electrical #installation is closely associated with different parts of the construction initiative, and electricians discover themselves working in all manner of commercial, #residential, and manufacturing circumstances. Increases in the building sector and growing demand for alternative energy sources will drive the need for electricians. #Electrical equipment and systems may contain #switchboards, cables, fuses, thermal relays, fault present protection switches, heating, lighting, air conditioning, metering equipment, and fire #alarm systems.


We are a reliable and affordable electric company providing electric panel repair and installations to homes, offices, and commercial buildings. We offer 24-hour emergency service. Free estimates. 90% More
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