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In this era of automation, you need to CRM tool that can handle most of the tasks themselves. And the OutRight CRM is that automated Tool.
  • OutrightCRM is a smart and automated CRM solution
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Added on 01 June

SuiteCRM Email to Lead

999.00 $

SuiteCRM Email to Lead extension helps to parse information from emails and update everything in CRM automatically. From now, you don’t need to manually create and update records from emails to CRM. As it takes a huge time from every individual if you receive a hundred plus records from your clients. Time to turn your CRM business into smarter by adapting the most exhilarating extension for business productivity. Before you purchase, let us clear to you here that it is compatible with every version of SuiteCRM. Also, it is for unlimited users. Start with a 3 Days Risk-free trial to understand every core functionality of Email to Lead.

All its latest features for your CRM organization

Every feature of this add-on can enrich your experience in this record-creation process. Let’s go-ahead-

  • A user is free to choose any module of SuiteCRM to create and update the records of their clients. Select any module like Leads, Contacts, etc.

  • The add-on will skip the duplicate record if it finds an email with the same email address and subject line twice. The extension will update everything in the existing record. 

  • Get the functionality of the SPAM keyword Detector module. Add any keyword here and whenever you receive an email and if the same keyword is added there then our extension will skip the record. 

  • Here the “Strictly from Emails” feature helps in creating only those email records you added for making. The rest of the emails will be skipped. 


When talking about providing CRM-related solutions, OutRightCRM should be your number one choice of yours. We have developed advanced productivity extensions for SuiteCRM and SugarCRM. And now, we are More
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