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    Added on 13 November 2019

    Amazing features of Petsitcare that you can utilize in your online pet-sitting startup


    If your startup you are very much eager to kick-start in the domain of online pet sitting services then it is the right as well as an appropriate time for you to convert all your innovative ideas into reality. As we all are living in this digital world that gets covered completely with the majority of online services and websites.

    Nowadays, there is a craze of online pet sitting applications across the global online market which will offer different types of online pet-sitting services to global users. For this purpose, let us think with a different perspective here. Suppose you are a pet owner of a dog and you want to go for an event outside leaving your dog at home. So, you are in search of someone who will take care of your dog the entire day in the global online platform. In this perspective, you require someone who likes staying the whole day with pets and also take care of them with the execution of all different types of activities related to pets.

    PetSitCare is a modishly designed software, which allows you to get started with your own on demand pet sitting business, aiming to take a major step forward in pet sitting app and pet boarding industry. It fulfills the desire of pet lovers by offering them jobs of taking care of different pets and pet owners get the privilege to explore location wise profiles and ask for a service based on their reviews and ratings. In simpler words, it works like Uber for dogs.

    How does PetSitCare work?

    PetSitCare works on a simple formula. It is a platform that connects people with pet sitters and provides different pet sitting jobs. Here’s the best thing. People don’t have to have the extreme expertise to be a pet sitter and the parents have the rights to search for different profiles in a specific location and choose a pet sitter based on their ratings and reviews. For pet sitters, PetSitCare allows them to seamlessly share and track information with owners through pictures within seconds.

    Pet owners can search the pet sitters by opting the required service and noting the location and dates. The search algorithm basically works on the sitter’s location, reviews, and response rate. Now, after finding the ideal sitter for their pet, the owner can then provide all the requisite information regarding the pet. This is how our uber for dogs works. PetSitCare also functions as one of the best dog walking app.

    NCrypted’s PetSitCare is an on demand pet sitting software that enables you to start your own online marketplace for people to buy and sell pet care services that include on demand pet walking, pet sitting, and pet boarding. It is an optimal platform for entrepreneurs wanting to create their own niche marketplace for on demand pet sitting app.


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