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Added on 22 January 2019

The Role of E-commerce Website In Today’s Business

22 January 2019

Nowadays, a prodigious number of internet users are increasing day by day even not wrong to say that when the baby comes into real life, the first step of father/mother goes to the internet for searching his/her name. Actually, they would know that the source of the internet is the only way of getting their child prevailing name as compare to Long-established. Now starting a business is not an adamantine, but it would be worst if you have not the proper management of your business. Therefore, that is why 70% of your business have busted during the first year. Nevertheless, the competitors have saved their 30% of business with inducting their Electronic-commerce-services.

Instantly, would like to introduce “what, why, how when and where” the E-commerce website would increase the number of your clients through the internet as well as the static of your business. Firstly, the word E-commerce generated from electronics-commerce. The E-commerce Website is a middling of trading for products, services and goods between sellers and buyers by an electronic medium. Likewise, we could say that it is also called a paperless exchange. Secondly, whenever you go to the shop and buy some product even the buyer gives money by hand, but In case of E-commerce, you will be giving your money by the E-payment system.

Furthermore, at the moment e-commerce is tremendously a hot topic in the whole over the world when we talk about the conversion of our traditional concept in to the digitization world. Obviously, numbers of E-electronic businesses have been increased over the last five years and this trend surely will predominate all the business in next few years.


NectarBits Ecommerce Website Development Company

Now the main question is that why www.nectarbits.com is best in converting your conventional

Business into an electronic commerce. Why choose us? You will have to find an answer in a coming quotation.

NECTARBITS is one of the leading company commenced on September in 2009. As we know, a huge number of development companies exist every day even having a miniature-experience, which could be declined the sustainability of your business and an aftermath they could not handle your task even vanished your business to the digital world. However, by seeing several cases like this we were introduced our LEADING APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANY after having a mammoth level of experience in development field. Furthermore, our goal is to increase our Achievement portal with full of coming awards. As we have already awarded as top rated mobile app developer by clutch.co in 2017. In addition, the second award has given by goodfirms.co including the third one in the field of E-commerce website and app development by Clutch.co in 2017. Therefore, these awards tell the audience to flourish our huge experience in a digital world.


Whatever your business is? But, looking at the concerning reporting of 2010-2018 70 % had been digitized their business with e-commerce in order to rapidly increase their sales. Of course, if the purchasing process is easy and user-friendly then consumers are more willing to purchase.

Firstly, not wrong to say that the trend has totally changed than in to e-commerce website such as you have a garment’s business somewhere in the world, but you could only target the limited buyers at near your business why because your work is not commercially exist over the world of the internet. Undoubtedly, if we take an example of nectarbits.com team if we need any kind of product surely we will be moving toward the internet world instead of moving palpably into the market.

In today’s competitors, E-commerce is the only way of converting your mortar store into an innovative brand store. Why your competitor is one-step forward even they will have a small business, then you the reason is only they have focused on E-commerce clients.

Assuredly, you will be having a terrific amount of traffic if the business would be gone under an online service, including social media as well as blogs and well-structured site. Secondly, the most cons of E-commerce site has the online store like if you are not available at your portal or an App. No worries, your customer will be putting his/her order at your portal, which would be reached by an application with informing you by an integrated email or number.

This would be only possible in case if you have a proper site with a proper integrated Mobile Application. In addition, android application is more convenient for users to buy any of a product without moving toward the physically at the market. Furthermore, it will also help in expanding your business if you will have a proper website with user-friendly interface design. Such as “the first impression is the last impression”. So by millions of internet Accessibility, you would have more opportunity to integrate your business with different valuable sites.

In addition, with increasing your electronic commerce if the website will be properly optimized with meeting all the levels and techniques of SEO engine at the top-ranked on Google. You will be getting more opportunity at your online store and getting more money in your wallet by social marketing, pay per clicks and back linking.

By getting a large number of customer satisfaction, including digital, work NECTARBITS plays an important role in every field of development field with having a huge level of on-hand experience in this dynamic world. For instance, having 250+ projects completed during the tenure with 300+ APPS delivered including a large number of an opulence patron. Here we are always looking forward to remove your anxiety with converting your historic business into a dynamic world in order to get your connection with long-term peaked sales.


According to internet world maximum number of people start-up their business by used the platform of Ecommerce let us have a glimpse about the top-rated sites which had started their business by integrated with an E-commerce portal. Such as OLX.com varies over more than 40 countries and generating up to maximum number revenue. Similarly, Pakwheel, Amazon such these type-sites had Domineer digital world since a decade. Now, we would like to tell the reason why businessperson nowadays moving toward the internet world because you will get to know very soon about your existing business and after digitized. Likewise, let take some example by comparing the difference of both your business such as if you have a garment shop now what you could do for the most income even you have 10000 people living at a near shop in fact, 5000, are your buyer for every year. However, those would be only 5000 thousand physical clients in the every coming year. On the other side, if you will have an e-commerce site this 5000 clients would be converted into 50000 clients, not per year obvious per month.

Undoubtedly, the number would be double to triple in the coming years because by Google report 70% of people in the world prefer online shopping as compared to physical moving. Therefore, what you can do when the conversion of your business has done from traditional to Electronic-Commerce without any hurdles you will be receiving an order form digital clients. And they would be happy to increase earning of your wallet if you would provide satisfied products. In fact, they would also be your business recommender at different social sites if you reach their requirements. Now let us discuss the statistic that how E-COMMERCE booming any business.

Here what you should committal to know about:

• According to 2016 static ,53% users made an online purchase by a global internet.

• In 2017 ,67% users had done their shopping form online store comparatively in the shop.

• Amazon minimized all other companies in 2017.

• 43% traffic of ecommerce form amoebic Google search.

• In 2017 7.66 trillion US dollars made by B2B commerce.

• 9.3 % of world wide B2B commerce accounted by Alibaba.com.

• Men spent 28% more than women reportedly last year in 2017.

• 46% clients want more online products as compared to existing products and the figure would be double in coming years.

• 68% online purchaser engaged with live chat feature by reported in 2017.

• The most global retail sales would be up to $4.5 trillion in 2021 according to 2017 statistic.

• 57% had been made an online overseas shopping since last six month in 2018.

• 54% of buyer will be buying retargeted products at discount.

• 70% occurred transactions had been done by PayPal method as compared to other method in 2017.

• 43% of clients believed on live chat boot before ordering brand.

• Even a large amount has given to social sites by 4 millions business for advertising.

By above-mentioned transactions had been done by using an E-commerce portal according to given years now you can imagine how your business would be added at the top- rated list of eCommerce.

Furthermore, this is not the only statistic of e-commerce products, even a tremendous number of other opportunities would have been added in your portal such as you could also earn a predicted amount of $100000 a year by Google Adsense over selling an Ad at your portal if your portal would be highly massive traffic.

Undoubtedly, NACTARBITS is one of the leading company with having an immense number of satisfied clients why because we believe on quality instead of quantity but we could also give you best quality as well as quantity with the requirement of the customers. We had already achieved awards by providing and focusing on both qualities as well as quantity with perfection outcomes.


By, facing daily basis clients almost we have met up-to-date technology, even having dynamic knowledge of any technology in the field of core development, such as IOS, ANDROID APPLICATIONS, and E-COMMERCE WEBSITE developments. We couldn’t give you an exact amount of per app/website until you reached at our portal (www.nectarbits.com). The main reason is that the development of sites/application depends on the buyer requirements because our focuses are to provide quality features for the satisfaction of our clients as we have already done with our satisfied towering number of clients and have mentioned to our portal as well. Moreover, most of us are that we do our work by performing all the techniques from the start over the end of the delivery.

We have team members who are getting to involve until the end of any projects.


E-commerce Solution for Your Business – Web & Mobile

Because we are different, form the market, even we believe in SDLC strategy such as engaging with you during the requirement process, even a client doesn’t know about what he/she really wants so analysis will be going under our requirement analysis team, it could take minimal time if the projects will have gone under the eyes of our team.

Secondly, the project will be going under our designing team by giving you different user-friendly interfaces in order to meet the requirements as well market competitors. Furthermore, the work would be under our development team that obviously ready to convert your business into an electronic commerce world because we have experienced developers withholding scratched experience. After completing the development field, your task would be seen by a testing team with market holding experience in order to meet your proper and lifetime satisfaction. Not only this we are also innovative than others by giving you proper maintenance of your business sites and applications. Finally, one, more reason for choosing us is that our work is totally user-friendly and easily manage by our client, even if the client has zero knowledge of an internet electronic world.

Source url:https://nectarbits.com/blog/the-role-of-e-commerce-website-in-todays-business/


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