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    Added on 22 January 2019

    Travelling To Delhi: Best Way to Explore the City

    22 January 2019

    When it comes to Delhi, the city boasts to be one of the largest and busiest cities in India. No other city has the slightest of historical relevance as compared to our nation’s capital. No Delhi is renowned for its loud lifestyle and people here are always energetic, running here and there and hustling throughout days and nights. If you go out to wander around the city in the middle of the night, seldom can you trace what time it is. The city seems to stay busy always, irrespective of the season and time. Besides, the city’s residents are known to be warm-hearted and they know how to welcome guests. After all, they call it by the name ‘Dilwalo kaa shahar’ or the city of hearts.

    Delhi: The Meeting Point of Cultures

    Delhi has a massive historic footprint that dates back to as old as 15th century when the Mughals came to the country. It was then that the city started emerging as an important trade center in the east. With the Silk Route passing nearby, traders from Europe and Middle East used to travel all the way long to Delhi and spend their time here. It’s considered that the amalgamation of multiple cultures from around the globe has resulted in the unique cultural identity that the city experiences today.

    There’s History Everywhere

    When you’re in Delhi, boredom is something that shall never bother you. There’s some tourist attraction at every spot. Even the narrow alleys of the downtown tell stories of their own. There’s history wrapped inside all the corners within the city. If you opt for ‘Delhi darshan by Bus’, you shall be amazed to witness the rich cultural and historic heritage of the Northern part of India. It seems that Delhi was always among the favourite destinations for the kings and landlords. Historians believe that the geographical location along with its climate together with rich natural resources attracted the rulers during ancient times. This resulted in multiple invasions by a foreign power and all of them had one thing in common. Almost all of those rulers chose Delhi or Agra as their capital. This certainly is a proud moment for travellers to witness one of the most popular cities of ancient and modern India.

    A Lot to See

    When you’re in Delhi, you cannot afford to miss visiting some of the iconic destinations. These attractions include but are not limited to Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Jama Masjid, etc. There are other destinations within the city that will offer you extremely valuable experience. To get the most out of your Delhi tour, we advise you to book a ‘Delhi Darshan by Bus’ package offered at an affordable rate. The tour operators organise group tours and ensure that the travellers are able to experience Delhi on a whole new level. The main motto of such a tour package is to help visitors visit all the worthy attractions in one go. As you understand that often it gets difficult to explore every tourist attraction in an unknown city. But when you’re travelling to someplace, your ultimate aim should be to enjoy to the fullest. Organised tour packages help you realise your travel goals.


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