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Added on 28 November 2019
Why the Heck People are Putting Cannabis in Their Belly Button?

This was all about the latest trend to do marijuana; the Pechoti technique. True or not, working or not, people are using this new way a lot these days, and until it is not harming anyone, I do not think we need to worry a bit about it. Another thing, people use it to get medical benefits of the herb not to get high, so if you were planning something of the other sort, please do not try. Weed is too expensive to waste like this. Nonetheless, you are growing your own with the help of medical marijuana grower license San Francisco; then, it is okay. Read More:https://medium.com/@medicalcannabissanfrancisco/why-the-heck-people-are-putting-cannabis-in-their-belly-button-dece4911f69f



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