Anika Tech

    Added on 06 March 2019
    Anika Tech Support born from a simple vision – To give our clients the technical expertise that they may not have along with a high level customer service and support that all business requires in today’s technological world.

    A senior leadership team of professionals utilising a combined 20+ years of service in IT Support including Desk Side Support, Remote Support, Project Management, Security, Business Growth and Customer service.

    Our work force is made up of business managers, Account Managers, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line engineers and our in-house marketing experts to provide you with complete reassurance that your hiring the right team.

    Anika Tech Support is a forward thinking IT Company, that provide a team of highly skilled engineers with the knowhow on the latest technologies available for businesses, we have grown from strength to strength and we delivery high quality superior proactive support to help organisations who wish to use current technology and trends as a vehicle for driving their business growth and gain a competitive edge

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