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    Added on 08 August 2018
    You must have heard that chemotherapy is a way of curing cancer with certain chemicals. In case you are feeling somebody reactions during or after this medical procedure and you wonder if something is wrong with you, what you are presently feeling is possibly one of the side effects of chemotherapy that will be discussed today.

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    I often advice that prevention is the best remedy for cancer. However, when detected, early treatment can greatly minimize the damage of cancer in the human body.
    Common side effects of Chemotherapy include; Affected taste bud, where foods and drinks suddenly taste unpleasant to you. Drinking flavored mineral water or tap water with lemon will greatly minimize this. Other sources of protein such as eggs, low-fat dairy, beans, and fish can also be substituted for red meat. Constipation is another common side effect of Chemotherapy. So, keeping your body hydrated and including fiber in your diet should help you ease Constipation. You might find yourself adding weight during or after chemotherapy, my advice is that you make lots of vegetables your daily meals.

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