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Why You Should Hire an Architecture Designer for Your Office

10 April 2019

Your office is your home away from home.

It is the designated space where you file paperwork, prepare for presentations and meet important clients. It could be said that your office and its external appearance is a reflection of you-- and you want to paint a captivating picture to all who enter your personal work space. 

While decorating your office with mementos and pictures may add a few personal touches- this doesn’t quite encapsulate the essence of you and the energy you are trying to project to your co-workers and clients. 

One of the best ways to improve your work performance and improve the aesthetic appeal of your work space is by hiring an architect office interior designer. An expert who has dedicated their entire life to the art of beautifying and transforming both internal and external spaces. 

Today we will disclose the various benefits of hiring an architecture designer to transform your office space- and possibly your entire life. 

1. Save Time:

Life is hectic- and so is your schedule. 

Between attending conference calls, drafting proposals, meeting with clients and responsibilities at home There simply is not enough time in the day to dedicate to designing an effective office space that you actually want to work in. 

By hiring an interior designer you will be able to quickly express what your needs and wants for the office are. The designer will draft a brand new design concept that will blow you away- and you can get right back to work!

2.  Save Money:

While it may seem counteractive to hire some to revamp your office- since almost everyone has the ability to redesign their office. But surprisingly you will save money in the process of hiring an interior architect designer.  It can be easy to go outside of your budget and purchase unnecessary items that do not fit into the overall vision you have for your office. When you hire an interior you will provide a budget that will cover every need you may have for your office such as new furniture, decorative items and paint to transform your office into a visually pleasing space to work.  Designers are notorious for securing great deals and discounts with contractors for simply just being designers- you will get more bang for your buck simply by hiring an experienced interior architect designer. 

3.  Professional Assessment:

While attempting to rejuvenate an old and dingy office space may seem like a simple task, there are a variety of details that are involved in the process. One of the best decisions one can make is consulting with an interior designer to express your wants, needs and general dislikes about your work space. Your designated  design expert can offer advice and several suggestions on how to implement changes-both large and small. Even if one ultimately chooses to not hire a design professional- you will be able to take away much knowledge and perhaps a few tricks of the trade!

4. Improve Work Performance:

It is an understatement to say that hiring an architect office interior designer will improve your work performance. Regardless of your personal style-modern, classic or trendy- if you have been consistently working in a dull, lifeless office- this will have a strong negative impact not just on you but also your work performance. Whether you work in the accounting department or are the head creative designer at a media firm- your surroundings will have an impact on your overall work performance over time. Working in an office that drains your creative spirit and reduces your internal motivation to get any work done altogether can cause problems further down the line and even threaten job stability. By hiring an interior designer for your office- you are creating an open platform to express your thoughts- both negative and positive towards your work space. By communicating with the designer- it will be significantly easier to create a game plan transform your office!

5. Change Colors, Change Your Energy

Along with enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your office and improving your work performance- there is another integral aspect of hiring a designer. 

Changing the internal vibrations of your office. 

While some may be unsure of downright cynical towards the prospect of hiring a designer just to change the color scheme of your office- different hues and unnatural light can actually induce internal imbalances that impact you whether you are inside or outside of your office. 

There have been entire psychological analysis conducted on colors and their direct impact on feelings, energy, and behaviors- both on a negative and positive plane. If your office is previously designed with dark colors that seem to drain your energy levels and leave you feeling negative, and even depressed. 

It’s time to make a drastic change. 

Even making small changes such as increasing natural lighting sources as opposed to unnatural lighting fixtures can actually cause a series of issues with your vision and cause extended damage in the long run. 

One does not need to be an expert of color analysis or the principles of feng shui to appreciate how color and lighting can effect you. 

Hiring an interior designer that understands the correlation between color, design and its direct impact on your day to day interactions and energy level that extends beyond your work performance. 

Thousands of people commute every day to their boring, lifeless work spaces that drain their energy levels. In turn, these people choose to work at home, in cafes work or other creative spaces just to avoid their offices. If you are struggling from extended periods of unproductive and are generally uninspired to get up and go to work-- it may not be you.

It could be your office. 

Choosing to hire an architecture office interior designer creates the potential to change so much more than just the four walls you see every day. You have the opportunity to enhance your work performance, realign the energy levels to increase creativity and reduce the amount of negative energy that may have previously followed you around like a dark cloud.  

The concept remains simple- change your office, change your life! See more visit: Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design Inc.

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