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Added on 15 August 2020

Virtual Reality

In technical terms, the use of computer technologies to build a simulated environment is called virtual reality. Virtual reality, like traditional user interface design, has a situation well beyond the user. Instead of seeing a computer in front of them, users are immersed and encouraged to communicate with environment 3D. The computer is an enabler of this digital world. The visualization of as many senses as possible, such as vision, touch, sound, and even scent can achieve this. Virtual Reality also named computer-simulated Reality.


  • Virtual Reality is useful in numerous ways to provide training to the students in various fields without actually harming anyone. These fields might include law & enforcement, medicine, aviation, & architecture fields.
  • The use of virtual reality technology also helps those who can't get much fuller life out of the house. It might be due to some diseases. Virtual Reality allows these patients to explore the different places of the world through the use of this technology, such as an Internet-based VR community, Second Life, exploration of virtual cities, and more fanciful environments such as Middle Earth by J.R.R. Tolkien.
  • This technology also helps patients to recover from a phobia, stroke, and other injuries.
  • VR allows travel and sightseeing simpler by offering a clear image of the actual venue. For example Virtual Tour.


  • The infrastructure required to build a highly interactive VR environment is still prohibitive in cost.
  • The overall expense of the virtual reality system hardware is very high.
  • The virtual reality is getting even more popular, but designers are also struggling with how simulated worlds should deal with.
  • Another disadvantage with the technological system of virtual reality is motion sickness, due to the poor ergonomic design and a lack of knowledge of the user's physical needs.

Conclusion: There is a technology for each generation that represents them. It was the internet for our parents & an iPhone for us. Similarly, virtual reality is a technology for the next generation. The virtual reality, therefore, defined as a synthetic sensory experience, which in one day could be indistinguishable.


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