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Added on 18 March 2019

Makeup Artist Secrets: How to Look Airbrushed With a Foundation Kit

Airbrushing is the best-kept secret in the beauty industry. Have you ever watched a TV show or read a fashion magazine and thought to yourself, “How do these models, celebrities etc. make their skin look so...perfect?”

The secret is airbrushing

While it is possible to achieve a full coverage finish with powder or liquid foundation. Airbrushing your skin is a game changer for your entire beauty routine. With airbrushing you can rest assured that your foundation finish will last all day with no smears or spotty coverage.

Airbrushing is one of the most common techniques for makeup and foundation application used by makeup artists working on TV show sets, runways or at photo shoots. This technique provides a literally flawless finish that hides all imperfections both on your face and even on your body. In the past, this type of makeup application was only available to high-end celebrities and used only by professionals. Now everyone has the ability to airbrush and have perfect skin every single day!

   So What are the Benefits of Airbrushing vs. Traditional Foundation?

  • Ease of Application:  Airbrushing adds simplicity and ease of use to an extensive and time-consuming makeup routine. The application process is easy--simply-prime, cleanse and apply! When you airbrush you don’t need to worry about the liquid foundation leaking out and spilling. Or a powder foundation that cracks and becomes almost impossible to apply.  The only tool you need to apply airbrush foundation is a high-quality foundation brush. 

If you choose to purchase our Magic Minerals Airbrush Foundation Kit- you will receive a three-piece kit that includes a primer (to smooth pores and fine lines) a kabuki brush (which is a great alternative to beauty blenders and foundation application sponge) and of course the amazing  airbrush foundation! 

Airbrushing works perfectly into a busy schedule and gives you more time to get ready for your day!

  • Works on all skin types (oily, dry, combo skin)- One of the biggest struggles that come along with searching for a new foundation kit is finding the right type of foundation that works for your skin. Some of the most common issues that arise with different foundations are:  Powder foundation often can look cakey on oily or combination skin, and dry skin can look even more dehydrated with a powder foundation since there is a lack of nourishing properties. Liquid foundation can slide right off and smear with oily or combination skin. Airbrush foundation kits are the only foundation on the market that works with your unique skin type. Airbrush foundation kits are comprised of hydrating properties that nourish your skin while providing a light enough formula that doesn’t look cakey or overdone with oily or combination skin.

  • Water and Sweat resistant: Whether rain, shine, humidity or intense workouts. An airbrushed foundation will not budge, smear or melt off! Whether you are walking down the red carpet or running a 5k, you can rest assured that your foundation will stay put.

  • Long-lasting finish: The average length of time a foundation lasts on your skin is six to eight hours- -with the use of a finishing spray. When you implement airbrushing into your makeup routine- your foundation will last up to twelve hours or more-no finishing spray needed!

  • Can diminish and (totally hide) imperfections:  Not all foundations are created equal. While some foundations may cover a few imperfections. The results may not be long-lasting or look natural. With airbrushing you will see immediate and long-lasting results. In literally minutes- you will see all imperfections disappear! Wrinkles, acne scars, fine lines, dark marks and even scars on your face and body will be invisible to the naked eye!

  • Budget-friendly:  Foundation can be one of the most expensive purchases in your makeup kit, some foundations can cost as much as $120! If you choose to purchase an airbrush kit you can get a three-piece set that includes: primer, kabuki foundation brush and the actual foundation for only $39.99!

  • Anti-aging properties: There are so many benefits that come along with choosing to airbrush. One of the biggest advantages of choosing the right airbrushing product is anti-aging properties. The Mineral Magic Airbrush Foundation Kit consists of three anti-aging properties such as Hyaluronic Acid which acts as an intense hydrating component.  Argireline which promotes more supple and elasticity skin. And finally, and Matrixyl 3000 which works to smooth wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging.

How to use an airbrush makeup kit

The airbrushing process is very straightforward and some makeup artists believe that the application process is easier than easier than the traditional foundation process.

First step- The first step is to thoroughly cleanse your skin to remove any impurities.

Step two- Moisturize your skin so that your visage is totally hydrated before you apply the foundation.

Step three- Apply a high-quality primer that  prepares your skin (and pores) before you apply the foundation.

Step four- spray the airbrush foundation onto a professional grade foundation brush and blend, blend, blend into your skin! With airbrushing you can add as much foundation as you would like with the potential of looking cakey or over-done.

Step five- Get ready for your day! With the airbrush foundation and correct application technique - there is no need for an additional setting spray or a final layer of finishing powder! The results will last all day and night!

Where can you buy an airbrushing kit?

While there are so many different types of foundation that you can purchase foundation airbrushing kits online or instore at stores such as Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid!

As we have seen there are so many different foundation options to choose from--liquid, powder, foundation stick. And of course the most effective-- airbrushing foundation! It can be overwhelming trying to research and find the right foundation for your unique skin tone and skin type whether you have sensitive, oily, combination, dry or normal skin type. By choosing to airbrush instead using the traditional foundation application route you are saving so much time and money. Airbrushing can cut your makeup application time in half, which is perfect for your busy lifestyle! 

Give airbrushing a try and see how it works for you!


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