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Added on 07 May 2019

The Full Body Workout For Extreme Fitness

07 May 2019

Extreme fitness is a new way of having a successful full body workout. Machines are slowly being replaced by more weights, ropes, sledgehammers, chains, and more. Various people have the sudden urge to move up from light workouts to extreme fitness workouts. All in all, it can make you feel more accomplished due to how much more work is being poured into these exercises. Extreme fitness workouts are usually dedicated to a solid full body workout. The same goal can be achieved whether it is via gym sessions or various hardcore classes such as CrossFit, kickboxing, and much more. An exceptional training class for vigorous exercises is CrossFit. This type of training has become a hit within the last few years due to the results it has given to loads of individuals. Here are full body workouts, that are commonly found in CrossFit classes, which will aid in your extreme fitness mindset.

  1. Warming up your body. This step and the last step are crucial to every and any workout you decide to go through with. There will be various workouts listed under this one which is not recommended to perform every single one of them, however, this step and the last step are imperative for every workout. Now, on to the warm-ups, in CrossFit classes, the warm-ups that are used include 3 rounds and 15 reps/30 seconds of jumping jacks, deep squats, hip hinge with arms overhead, and pushups. Workouts like these are often used for warming up the body during CrossFit classes instead of a 5-10 minute jog on the treadmill. These workouts not only affect your stamina but also affect every muscle group in the entire body. You can throw in a couple of additional exercise motions like a plank or high knees, however, it is highly recommended to incorporate some sort of stretching during this time of the workout. Once the warm-up is completed, it is time for the extreme full body workouts.

  2. Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) exercises. CrossFit is split up into various categories, EMOM being one of them. One exercise that counts at being EMOM is doing 12 box jumps for the first 5 minutes, then resting for 2 minutes, and finishing up with 14 kettlebell swings for the last 5 minutes. Another EMOM exercise you can complete is doing a 10-minute workout entailing 5 pushups, 10 sit-ups, and 15 squats. An alternative EMOM workout is a 16-minute (4 rounds in total) exercise which includes 10 pushups, 15 burpees, 10 squats, and 15 sit-ups. These are only a few of the EMOM workouts you can complete, but going on to the next category.

  3. Rounds For Time (RFT) exercises. This category of exercise is when to complete the given number of rounds of workouts as quickly as one can. A few workouts are 3 RFT: 20 jumping jacks, 20 burpees, and 20 squats. 3 RFT: 800-meter dash and 50 squats. 10 RFT: 10 sit-ups and 10 burpees. These workouts are very swift and consuming yet incredibly effective.

  4. As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) workouts. AMRAP signifies to complete a certain exercise within a given time. A 12-minute AMRAP workout is 10 roundhouse kicks, 5 tricep dips, 40 straight punches, 10 squat jumps, and 10 knee raises. That workout can be done with or without a punching bag but one is recommended. For this next AMRAP workout, a jump rope will be needed but a punching bag, again, is optional. 50 high knees with a jump rope, 5 burpee tuck jumps, 50 straight punches, 30 tuck jumps, 5 push up plank jumps, and 10 sit-ups.

CrossFit is an incredibly popular extreme fitness full body workout class, however, not many people can afford the class expenses. A great alternative is to slowly but surely create your own little CrossFit gym at home. Places like Inbox Fitness sell all equipment having to do with CrossFit. If you make it a point to visit their site, you will be able to easily find all of the machinery that goes with CrossFit for reduced prices. It provides photos and a brief description which should give you the reassurance of what exactly you will be purchasing. They have equipment like various Olympic bars, rubber grip Olympic set of plates, power racks, medicine ball packages, and many more pieces of equipment.

Not only does CrossFit contribute to extreme fitness workouts but Kick Boxing is quite popular as well. Although kickboxing can be for everyone, women rave about it a little more than men do. The reason for women raving about it is because of all the benefits this full body workout provides. Not only does it contribute to being an extreme fitness workout, but it also can be viewed as a self-defense class. Each kick, punch, and defense mechanism should be explained within the class. The instructor will often let the individuals know what each movement is used for like a roundhouse kick, that targets the sides or stomach of the assailant which can knock the air out of them. Self-defense is one of the many benefits of Kick Boxing. Another benefit is the amount of fat you can burn from it. Kickboxing is high energy and extreme fitness workout. It mixes martial arts and intense cardio all in one. Additionally, these workouts can tone your muscles by engaging every muscle group in your body. A few of the exercises that are done in Kickboxing are the sweep, squat, and kick. Which engages your core and leg muscle groups. Another workout to keep in mind is simple uppercuts. Performing this workout engages your core and arm muscle groups depending on how intense and fast you go.

Kickboxing and CrossFit are only two of the many classes you can choose from for full body extreme fitness workouts. The benefits are endless but the results are what is going to keep you wanting more. Make sure to research the best gyms and equipment near you. Depending on what you are aiming for whether it is joining certain CrossFit gyms or just sticking to your at home workouts, extreme fitness exercise can be done at any time with a determined mindset.


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