Hurford Wholesale Pty Ltd

  • 400 Stapylton Jacobs Well Road
Hurford Wholesale is a distributor specialising in Native Hardwoods of Joinery Timber, Solid Engineered Flooring, Decking, Wall Cladding & more.
  • 400 Stapylton Jacobs Well Road
Added on 20 July 2019
Timber Exterior and Interior Shiplap | Wood/ Timber - Shiplap & Chamferboard

Hurford Wholesale manufactures a range of Shiplap, Chamferboard and VJ Lining Board from a selection of Australian hardwoods.

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Hurford Wholesale spans across multiple tiers of the timber industry being a primary producer, manufacturer and wholesaler. Covering the entire supply chain from the management and harvesting of forest More


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