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    Added on 17 May

    Simple Ways To Make Your Conservatory Feel More Homely

    17 May

    Conservatories are a great space in any home and you should feel completely comfortable and happy relaxing in there all year round. In the summer and winter, the extreme temperatures can make your conservatory quite uncomfortable to sit in, so we are here to give you a few tips on how to make it feel more homely, including controlling temperature, so you can make the most of this wonderful space!

    Think About Your Window Dressings

    The first and most important thing you need to do to make your conservatory feel more homely all year round is to think about your window dressings. Controlling the heat in your conservatory can largely be done through the use of customised blinds that are made to measure. Good quality blinds that fit your windows perfectly will help to keep heat inside your house in the winter and they will help to stop cold air entering.

    Also, in the summer months, the right choice of blinds can help to prevent overheating in the summer. When you go to a specialist custom blinds company, they will be able to advise on the best choices for your home. Whether you are looking for blinds Ruislip based or for your home in Manchester, this is going to make such a significant difference to how relaxing you find your conservatory.

    Add Soft Furnishings

    The next thing you should do is add soft furnishings to your home. For the cooler months especially, adding cosy furnishings like rugs, blankets and lots of throw cushions will make the space feel so much more homely and welcoming.

    If you go for really cosy furnishings for the winter, you could have a summer set of soft furnishings with more lightweight cushions and blankets, so you can still enjoy the space and get it to feel homely whilst also keeping it feeling super comfortable. When the seasons change and the space starts to get warmer, you could get vacuum pack bags to store the winter blankets and cushion covers, then swap them again when the cooler weather comes around.

    Bring Plants Into The Space

    Another great way to make your conservatory feel more homely is to bring plants into the space. When you have plants in your conservatory, they can help to relieve stress, make you more productive, lower stress and anxiety and just generally improve your mood.

    The important thing to remember when choosing house plants for your conservatory is that they are able to endure both warmer and cooler weather. Cacti, aloe vera and succulents are very resilient plants so won’t struggle when the weather gets cooler! They add a lovely splash of colour that will make your time in your conservatory all the more relaxing.

    Connect the Decor to the Rest of the House

    A great way to connect the conservatory to the rest of the house is to continue the decor through. If you have a really different decor in your conservatory to the rest of your home, it can feel like an extra addition rather than part of your home. You could also consider taking down any doors that separate the conservatory, although you should make sure that you get the temperature control sorted so you don’t end up spending a ton of money on heating!

    Even if you don’t want the exact same decor, just try to stick to a similar colour palette to keep everything consistent.

    Get Double Glazing

    The last thing you need to do that is vital to make your conservatory feel more homely is to invest in double glazing. This is the most important thing you can do to make sure the space is usable and comfortable all year round, as well as helping your energy bills! This is a big investment, but it will save you a significant amount of money over time.

    Final Thoughts

    You should make the effort to utilise your conservatory, as it is such a great space that you can enjoy all year round when you make a few changes!

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