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    Added on 05 May

    The Conclusive Moving Checklist for Moving to a New Home

    05 May

    The very idea of moving sounds so exciting – isn’t it? Whether you are planning to move over to a new country, across the state, or into a new neighborhood – the transition involves welcoming something new into your life and that itself is enough reason to make you smile. However, moving can be quite demanding and stressful if you have not planned it. When those bubbles of joy start bursting in your tummy every time you think of the move, spare a few minutes to create a moving checklist. This checklist not only helps you in organizing your move in detail but also lessens the stress and ensures a smooth move-over.

    You can alternately connect with a moving company in Tampa and secure a checklist for moving to your new enclosure.

    Scroll down to run through the moving checklist and feel confident to execute a hassle-free shift to your new address.

    Moving Checklist

    You must plan your moving process well ahead of the moving date. Ideally, you should start the planning a month ahead of the moving date. Now that you have about three to four weeks in hand, plan a step-by-step preparation till your moving date.

    1. You got to take stock of the items that you would like to move and draw a list of inventories. Walk through each room, stop, look around, and spot the things that you would like to take with you and the ones that you would dispose of.

    2. Now with the list of inventories in hand recheck and finalize the items that you are sure of taking with you. The rest of course you can either donate or sell as you please. You can upload the pics of the disposable items for sale over social media or can arrange for a garage or attic sale.

    3. Start arranging or buying boxes and the supplies such as adhesives, sealing tapes, markers, and bubble wraps to pack the items that you would be moving out. Make sure specialty boxes for bed linens, apparel, kitchen cutleries, and accessories are in place.

    4. Don’t forget to mail the bank, post office, and the other facilities and mailers about the change of address and the date of moving so that once you move into your new home you would start receiving mail notifications at your new address.

    5. Check out the best moving company and find out the rates and the facilities and if required book them well in advance citing your specific requirements. Look for discounts and convince them to offer you storage space in case you require it to park your valuable and heavy appliances before taking complete possession of your new home. You may decide to refurbish or renovate the new house so you may either ask your movers or lease space according to your convenience.

    You can wrap up the above tasks within 15 days and still have a fortnight in hand to move ahead with your plans.

    1. Start off packing the less important items like decorative items, seasonal commodities, etc., and note the value of each of them on the respective boxes. Do not forget to label the boxes to save yourself the trouble of finding things as and when you need them to settle in your new house.

    2. Make sure that you get your rugs, upholsteries, and draperies cleaned and wrapped before you move into your new address.

    3. Do not forget to make a list of antique items if any and secure written verification of the total value from the appraiser before you pack it. This list will come in handy when insuring the items with the moving company.

    4. Check out the new neighborhood, or the ambiance of the new apartment you are moving into so that if need be you could obtain permission from the designated authorities to park your items and the moving truck without creating difficulties for the existing residents.

    5. Send your leave application to your workspace well ahead of time so that you could supervise every step of the moving process on the moving date till you reach the new address.

    6. You can do minor repair works and stage the property in one piece. The prospective buyer would choose it easily since he need not pay for repairs.

    All done and a week till the moving date you can start active packing corner-to-corner room-wise. Make sure all items that you wanted to carry with you are packed in the respective labeled boxes.

    1. Make a checklist of all things that have been packed, sealed, and labeled. This is a crucial element of the moving checklist.

    2. Arrange for thorough cleaning of your house to make it easy for the new occupants to settle without hassle.

    3. Make a note of all kinds of scratches and abrasions on the surfaces of heavy furniture before handing it over to the movers so that you remain aware of whether the moving company has been responsible for any kind of scratches or marks during the process.

    4. Defrost and clean the refrigerator a day before your moving date. Also, the equipment that you would be taking with you must be drained and kept ready to be taken and installed at the new home.

    5. Don’t forget to make proper arrangements in time for your family members to travel to the new place. If the new location is in a different state, city, or country, travel arrangements must be made accordingly as soon as the moving date is finalized.

    6. Send notifications personally or over the phone or email about the cut-off dates to the cooking gas, water, garbage, electricity, and cable agencies, and also send them an activation request for the same at your new address.

    7. Pack a separate box for all valuable items, jewelry, and high-value commodities to be carried with you.

    Finally, it’s your day to leave the old and embrace the new – the day to move out.

    On the day of the move schedule the loading of the boxes based on their necessity and value. Keep ticking the checklist to see if all the boxes have been loaded by the movers.

    1. Recheck all the rooms and the furniture and fixtures, closets, cupboards, and cabinets so that you do not leave behind any item or any document that you consider important.

    2. Make an essentials box and put your phone chargers, toilet papers, towel, soaps, snacks, paper towels, handy medicines, set of clothes, cutlery, etc.

    Now that you are in your car heading toward your new enclosure, once you reach the spot make sure, the moving company helps you settle down with your commodities without much stress.

    Take your time to unpack and settle down room-wise and not in one go. This way you will not be fatigued and by the end of the day you might just sit down and chalk out plans for a housewarming party at the new home.


    Moving into a new house can be exciting when you plan the move well ahead of the D-Day and prepare to welcome the change with an appropriate moving checklist.

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