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    Added on 26 April

    How Does A Pedal Bin Make Your Life Easy

    26 April

    Dustbin, trash can, garbage can, or waste container is necessary to keep our surroundings clean. These are placed in our homes, offices, schools, etc., and in commercial buildings like shopping malls and complexes, parks, restaurants, hospitals, and even on roadsides, squares, and streets. Every nook and corner compulsorily has a bin to manage waste and keep the space clean. These bins are divided into categories of dry and wet to dump the waste accordingly. Many sizes and shapes of bins are available in the market for different places and purposes. One such type is the pedal bin which is the most convenient to use.

    What Is A Pedal Bin?

    A pedal bin is just like a regular dustbin but with a lid that is controlled by a foot pedal. To open the bin all you need to do is press the pedal and the lid will open. You dump the waste and then remove the foot to close the lid. This doesn’t require the user to touch it with their hands. It works in a simple mechanism of linkage. Narrow pieces of steel are linked together for movement- upwards and downwards.

    Roles Of A Pedal Bin In Our Daily Lives:  

    • In kitchens and bathrooms: Most of the kitchen waste consists of peels of fruits and vegetables that invite tiny flies or other microorganisms and insects if kept open. Thus, no-touch bins with a lid are extremely useful here. Similarly, in enclosed spaces like bathrooms, pedal bins are the best option as there is almost no chance of foul smells and untidy dumping.

    • At commercial places:   Places open for public use and where a lot of people tend to visit must always be kept clean. Commercial places like offices also need a pedal bin because people spend most hours working in a commonplace. Thus, it is necessary for it to be maintained with cleanliness. As the bins are touch-free, there is less risk of contamination of viruses, etc.

    • At hospitals: With the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, maintaining hygiene in hospitals is more crucial now than ever. Disposal of masks, gloves, tissues and other medicinal waste cannot be overlooked at any cost. Thus, pedal bins with foot-operated lids have always been common here. They also sometimes cover the pedal with plastic wrap to prevent any virus transmission.

    • In parkers and gardens: Another place that needs to have a pedal bin is a park or a garden. Different types of people come from different places to a single space, so one doesn’t know what kind of waste is being dumped by individuals in the dustbin. Foot-operated bins prevent you from touching any foreign or harmful substance. There is no contact with the bin either.

    • In children’s rooms: Children are sensitive to many things and their health can be affected by unattended waste. Also, they tend to keep touching themselves or put their hands inside the mouth. It is not possible for us to wash their hands round the clock so maintaining cleanliness around the space they spend the most time in is essential. Teaching a child to use a pedal bin in their room will keep them clean and safe and their caretakers stress-free.

    It might seem like a small thing to think about keeping a dustbin in our surroundings, but the appropriate usage of it needs to be taken care of. The material with which the bin is made determines if it is easy to maintain or not. Stainless steel dustbins are a preferred choice for people nowadays, which have a lid and are touch-free. This is how the very basic features of a pedal bin make our lives a lot cleaner and easier.

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