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    Added on 22 January

    The Essential Checklist You Need Before Moving into a New House

    22 January

    Moving into a new home is as exciting as it is life-changing. It is no wonder, then, that no move ever goes without at least some stress. There is so much to take care of before, during, and after the move that it’s easy to forget something, which will lead to even more additional stress. Your best bet at keeping everything under control is creating a prioritized list beforehand. Here are the items that every such moving list should include!

    Book a removalist company

    As soon as contracts are exchanged, you’ll know the date of your move. In order to ensure that everything proceeds according to plan, you should book removalists as soon as possible. This is even more important if you are planning to move on a weekend. Since removalist companies typically offer a great variety of services, it might not be a bad idea to pay a bit more for packing services or furniture deconstructing, especially if you already have your hands full.

    Check the property once again

    Weeks prior to your move-in date, you should visit the property and take a few notes. Firstly, map the space and plan out what will go where. Measure the space and determine where you want certain boxes to go. Besides, this is also the last chance to take note of and tackle any repairs that may have escaped your attention until now. Figuring out insurance should also be part of your personal finance strategy. While insurance may not be mandatory, mortgage lenders will certainly require it, so review whether the current plan fits your needs.

    Start packing

    Next, a valuable piece of advice is not to leave packing for the last minute. Needless to say, packing should start with decluttering. You probably don’t want all the old, unnecessary things that are just taking up space in your current home to immediately clutter your new one. Get rid of trash and step by step, pack things that you rarely use and won’t need in the coming weeks. You can save some money on supplies if you scavenge free boxes instead of buying supplies.

    Transfer utilities and other services

    There are some utilities that you will need from the moment you’re at your new property, so tackling their transfer well ahead of time in case something delays them is recommended. Talk with the relevant providers about the shut-off date at your current property and try to have everything transferred by the time moving day comes. Don’t forget to have TV and internet connected in time. Besides utilities, you should also tackle the issue of your change of address. Redirect mail, change your electoral roll, notify banks and councils...

    Call in the cleaners

    The previous owner may have already sorted out the cleaning of the property, but it’s still a good idea to tackle this yourself. There’s no better time to clean everything thoroughly than when the property is empty. So, call in professionals before your boxes clutter the space and ensure that you arrive in a clean and healthy space.

    Prepare an essentials bag and plan your meals

    A few days prior to moving, most of your belonging should already be packed and ready. However, your arrival and first day at the new home can be quite uncomfortable if you cannot find what you’re looking for in the hundreds of identical boxes. So, pack a bag or box of essentials with toiletries, food, clothes, medicine, etc. Plan what you will eat on the big day so no one goes hungry. In addition, make sure you put your valuables, such as important documents, in a safe place and don’t lose sight of them the chaos that is to ensue.

    Moving day considerations

    After your trusted property solicitor has confirmed that the transfer of money is complete, you will receive the keys to your new property and moving can begin. Before you leave your old home, make sure you take a final reading of your gas, electricity, and water meters. It is also recommended that you take photos of everything as you leave it, just in case. Other considerations for moving day include arranging for child or pet care services, if necessary. It will remove some additional stress from the equation.

    Settling in

    Finally, even when you and all your belongings have arrived at your new place, the checklist still isn’t over. Naturally, it will take some time for you to settle in, but there are a few things you shouldn’t procrastinate on. You should change the locks of the property as soon as you’ve moved in, for safety reasons. You should also locate necessary functions like shut-off valves and circuit breakers. Test detectors like fire alarms once again, just to be sure. Finally, something that doesn’t have to wait until you’ve moved in is exploring the area and researching local businesses. You may need to find new dentists and doctors, new hairdressers, and gyms. Make the transition smoother by looking them up in advance.

    Moving involves much more than just packing your boxes and going. Make sure you plan everything well in advance so that it goes smoothly. Hopefully, this checklist will help you out.

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