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    Added on 16 August

    How To Choose The Right Designer Rugs For Your Living Room?

    16 August

    Designer rugs are handmade carpets that come with unique designs. Designer carpets are available in varied materials, designs, sizes, and shapes. You can pick one that is perfect for your own living room. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best ones for the room. These are very different from what you can get on the market these days. You can use these as floor covering. However, these types of carpets can be more than only a piece of decoration. They can transform the entire appearance of your living room.

    Take the overall quality into account

    Look for a superior rug that can stand up to long periods of wear and tear. You have to pick an ideal rug with completely natural materials and handmade construction. Choose rugs having natural live wool and natural dyes. You must also look at the number of knots present in the designer carpet. Rug quality is determined by the amount knots in each square inch. The more the number of knots, the better the quality will be. It is a good idea to get a rug having as many as 400 to 750 knots in every square inch.

    Think about the colour aspect

    You have to consider the colour of the rugs that you are planning to buy. It is important to take into account 2 – 3 colours in the room. You have to pick a rug with colours in it or a rug that can easily complement all those colours. Do not be scared to experiment and pick new hot colours like earthy red and pink shades. These gel well with:

    • Teal,
    • Navy and
    • Mustard

    You may pick earthy and warm brown tones. You can also go for beige, almond and cognac, which can be good as well. It might also be a good idea to introduce colours like:

    • Peachy terracotta,
    • Faded indigo or
    • Soft mauve

    Consider the décor

    You need to consider the room decor after being assured of the room where the rug would go. Consider whether the rug has a sophisticated appearance if you have a living room with contemporary decor. However, a rug with a more traditional appearance would be more befitting for living rooms with a more antique appearance. Traditional rugs having old-styled designs and patterns can be appropriate. If you have a more modern home, you may still get handmade carpets that are exquisite and have a more modern appearance.

    Consider the rug size

    It is also important to think about the rug's dimensions before you choose it for your living room. If you have a big living room, choose a large-sized area rug that can cover the whole of its floor space. If you want to cover only the open space of the floor lying between the TV and your sofa, choose a small area rug. For your hallway, you might like to opt for a runner rug. Regardless of your choice, you have to measure the amount of space you want to cover. Look for a suitable rug for the size of the space that you wish to cover it with. Rugs of proper size can help you cover your desired space properly, and they can have the best effect on your area.

    Final Words

    At the end of the day, in the absence of a good designer rug, your home would actually be incomplete. It is important to choose good rugs that can define your zone and bring warmth to the living room. Follow the tips and points mentioned above and you can choose the right ones for your living space

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